Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Animal Findings and Summer Fun

A few days ago when I was walking Juno I found part of a robin's egg, which I carefully carried home and put on our front porch so I could admire its lovely blueness.

 Then we got ready to leave for work and school and guess who was visiting?

Can you see it over there past the edge of our porch?  How about a closer look.

No we can't see you at all, your sitting-still-as-a-statue technique is very clever.

Aren't you cute!  Now run along and eat someone else's garden.


I have some summer changes happening here on the blog for July and August.

First, there is going to be guest posts every Monday all summer long - I'm tickled pink that every one of the bloggers I approached to write a post agreed to do so.  I'm looking forward to what they come up with. 

Second, I know I'm going to be busy over the summer and have decided that I will only be posting three times a week. When I started blogging on January 1st I decided to commit to publishing a post every weekday.  So far I have kept to that schedule and have loved it.  I thought I would run out of things to write about, but my mind is just brimming over with ideas and projects.  However, I thought I would take a bit of a break over the summer.

Finally, stay tuned for a giveaway in celebration of my 6 month blog anniversary - details coming soon.


  1. Robin's egg blue is such a perfect shade of blue! The wild rabbit is cute. We have those around here although I've never seen one that close to my house. Looking forward to the guest posts. That's awesome that everyone you approached agreed. That's because you have such a great blog and seem like such a nice person. Enjoy some relaxing time this summer and congrats on your 6 mo. anniversary.

  2. Grace, that rabbit is so cute. Benjamin Bunny indeed! Enjoy your deserve it. I seem to recall you have a list to get through :)

  3. I have some rabbits around here too. They leave little presents all over the backyard which Henry tends to eat. Ewww! But I also have turtles. Some are surprisingly fast for a turtle but they have to get away from you know who.

    I am slowing down on posting myself. Just so I can get some projects done. Looking forward to your guests!

  4. I can't every get so close to the critters in my yard.

    Nice capture!!

    I would also love to find a robin's egg. We just don't get too many robins close to me.

  5. Cute bunny. I haven't seen a Robin's egg for ages!

  6. I have a resident bunny, too. Also had a robin's nest that was ripped from the tree by grackles and two eggs destroyed. I, too, hung onto those beautiful blue eggs for as long as I could.