Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10 Paint Colours to Use with Red Accents

One of my new bloggy friends, Kerry, from A Tranquil Townhouse in Australia, is having a design dilemna.  She wants to repaint her study and she's not sure what colour to use.  She has many red accents in the room, including red IKEA shelves, so the wall colour needs to coordinate with red.  I suggested that we each come up with as many inspiration photos as we could, which would help her make up her mind.  So here is my collection:

 Photo from Country Living

Photo from Nursery Notations, room by Katie Ridder

Photo from Sarah Richardson Design


Photo from Apartment Therapy

Photo from Vox

Photo from Katie Ridder at Desire to Inspire (decorpad)

Photo from decorpad

Photo from decorpad, BM Hancock Green

Photo from decorpad


Photo from Design Inc (decorpad), BM Celadon Green

Photo from here

Photo from Froggymonkey via Daily Dose of Me

4.  RED + GRAY

Photo from Style at Home magazine website of a Room&Board sofa

Photo from Sarah Richardson at Sarah's House 3, paint Moonwalker by Para
 Photo from the



Photo from Martha Stewart

7.  RED + PINK


Photo from the


Photo from Daisy Cottage

Amanda Nisbet room from Simplified Bee 

Sarah Richardson from Sarah's House Season 2

Photo from decorpad

Which one is your favourite colour to use with red?  

Are you wondering what colours go with aqua/seafoam.  Check here for inspiration photos.
And here for green room inspiration photos.
And here for sunny yellow rooms.
And here for orange rooms.


  1. hi grace...popping over from kerry's blog (my sweetest friend) to say hi!
    love your blog. will be following too. xo
    SO. i LOVE what you have come up with for carrie. my gut is the very first pic you have..the super light aqua color will make her red accents pop the best...
    great job sweets.

  2. Oh Grace, what a wonderful job you've done...thank you! I'm with Ashlina and love, love, love the first one. I see we only came up with one pic the same! I can see a visit to the paint shop will be on the agenda soon...moving those bookcases...groan! Have a wonderful day, and thanks so much again. x

  3. Love all the pictures but that first one from Sarah Richardson is my favorite! I would love for my house to look like that. Red is my favorite color so thanks for trying to help her out. You may have helped me too!

  4. What a great collection you found Grace! I came over from Kerry's blog and I am glad that I did! I am drawn more towards the neutrals and I prefer the red with a brown colour, ivory or grey but I do agree that the first image looks lovely with the pale blue. Being so light the room is still calming and relaxing! xx

  5. What a good idea you and Kerry have going here! I like it! I like the red with blue in the first and 8th pictures. I am also a big fan of red with khaki.

  6. My gosh so many choices. I am wondering what colour for my living room/dining room/kitchen. My sofa is a seafoam green colour and side chairs are chocolate. How would I collect a bunch of pics like this?

  7. I love red. How 21st Century to be communicating with someone on the other side of the world about colour combo. Well done.

  8. Love, love that red! I have lots of it in the house and love how it brightens things up! Great, gorgeous photos!

  9. Vox - 100%!!!! Red and aqua are my all time favourite combinations! you've been busy collecting images Grace.

  10. Hi Grace, I've popped over from Kerry's blog. What a great collection of ideas you've found. I love the red/blue or the red/turquoise combination, although that last picture looks stunning too. Am glad to have found your blog x

  11. I read this post in google reader the other day and meant to post but I just wanted to tell you that you came up with a great round up of photos for red.

    xx - CB

  12. Thanks for posting the red/ivory/white photo Grace. I have a spare room which I've commandeered for myself and have been thinking about what to do with it - you've totally inspired me! Thanks again.

  13. I love red too ,altough I am thinking about repainitng my red lounge room ,an funnily enough Kerry has also repainted white and will most likley use the one she did Antique USA.
    Love you blog and I am your newest follower!

  14. thanks for the color inspiration! i found you on maria's linky party - tried to find your fb page, but it isn't showing up???

  15. Red with light/duckegg/turquoise blue is my very favourite colour combination anyway :) However, it just doesn't work in my home, so I have cream/gold/brown and light oak (furniture and flooring) with dark red accents in my living/dining space and deep red with white in my small bedroom - loooooove it!!