Thursday, July 1, 2010

From Sea to Shining Sea

Over the years I have traveled across Canada many times.  
To celebrate Canada Day I am posting a favourite photo of mine from each of the provinces (with apologies to the Maritime provinces, as I have not been there recently enough to have digital photos, so I had to use photos of photos).  

From west to east:

British Columbia
 A mountain meadow near Smithers, British Columbia

Exposed dinosaur bone in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

A prairie road west of Regina, Saskatchewan

Hiking through Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Sunrise at Grundy Provincial Park, Ontario

 Perce Rock, Quebec

New Brunswick
Hopewell Rocks at low tide, New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
 West Point Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia (photo taken by my daughter)


 Icebergs near Fort Amherst Lighthouse, Newfoundland

Pictures of the territories coming just as soon as I visit there.

HAPPY CANADA DAY from sea to sea to sea!!!


  1. Grace, they are so beautiful. I especially love Nova Scotia and Ontario. Really inspires me to save up to take a trip to Canada!

  2. Such beautiful places. We have been to Quebec and Alberta. It is so breathtakingly beautiful there.

  3. Happy Canad Day dear friend- how blessed you are
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Happy Canada Day, my friend. I'm not surprised that your post is so beautiful. How lucky you are to have seen so much of our great country. I have been to Alberta (family there), Quebec and of course to so many, many great places here in Ontario. One of the reasons we upgraded our travel trailer is to plan for future trips to both coasts. I know that you will be stopping by my blog later and I hope you enjoy the little video. You, especially, will recognize so many of the places.

  5. Your pictures are like postcards ... Happy Canada Day!!

  6. How lucky you have been all over Canada!!
    Love the photo of Nova Scotia.
    Happy Canada Day Grace!!

  7. How wonderful, Grace, that you have seen so much of your beautiful country.

  8. Happy Canada Day, dear Grace. Your photos are beautiful!!

  9. Beautiful post Grace and I hope you had a very Happy Canada Day! Love the photo by your daughter too!

    Kat :)

  10. I'm a little late... my Canada Day was spent on a boat cruising in and around Charlottetown harbour.

    Great post, love seeing all the pictures of our beautiful country.

  11. Grace, Beautiful photos...makes me want to plan a trip. Thanks for sharing.
    xo, Sherry

  12. This is a brilliant post! You are so very lucky to have visited so much of Canada. Thanks for sharing...I love all the photos!