Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Name Wizard Book

Even as a young child and teenager I wanted to be a mother.  I would spend my spare time create imaginary families and then designing homes for them.  Sometimes these homes were small cottages or trailers and sometimes they were enormous country houses.  My imagination was fueled by what I was reading or where we were traveling at the time.  I would create a family, including the ages and names of the children, and then I would plan a house for them. 

My parents bought me many books with house plans in them which I loved and poured over and used as the basis for some of the houses I was planning.  In a bold move, my parents also bought me a baby name book for Christmas when I was 15.  Crazy, eh?  I mean who gives their teenage daughter a baby name book.  However, I loved that book and spent hours reading it.

My daughter, Kate, also loves names and a few years age we were just as crazy as my parents, and gave Kate The Baby Name Wizard book.  

She also loves it, and uses it to name her families on the SIMS.  I just thought I would mention this book as it is so much fun to read and if you are expecting or know someone who is (or you play the SIMS) you would definitely want to search out a copy.  I recently found out there is a website:  The Baby Name Wizard.  It is a treasure-trove of info - definitely worth pouring over.

This book is in a class of its own because it organizes names into categories so if you like a certain type of name, you can search that category for others like it.  It also gives suggestions for sibling's names.

I also like the description and history of the names - she is always positive about names - even the yucky ones.  There is also a little graph showing how popular the name was over the past 100 years.  All fascinating stuff to someone who loves names and had to give each of her children 3 given names!


  1. That's very funny about your parents giving you the book, it does look great! Rachaelxx

  2. Well that is interesting. I never liked my name growing up (I do now as an adult). I was so picky when it came to naming my son because I didn't want him to dislike his name like I did. This would have come in really handy about 13 years ago. My son actually loves his name so it worked out. By the way, if we had had a girl, her name would have been Kate (but spelled Kaete).

  3. Lorelei has a big spike recently, but Lori peters out and doesn't even register by 2000.

    I wish I'd used Lorelei. Mostly now I forget that it's my name.

  4. Did you give it to the daughter who is getting married this year? Nothing like a little hint!

  5. I love this idea, I need to look up mine!