Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Photo - A Rose with Attitude

I saw this rose on my way to work last week and stopped to take photos.  See how dedicated I am to all you bloggy friends.  I went out of my way to take its picture because this is no ordinary rose.  No ma'am, this rose is:

a)  Working on providing the most spectacular setting for a port-a-potty.

b) The little-rose-that could, working to make the world more beautiful one junkyard at a time.

c) Both.

You've got to admire persistance like that.  Even the graffitti on the port-a-potty seems impressed.

Thanks rose!  We could do with more like you.

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  1. Grace, you are a woman after my own heart. I can only imagine what people thought, with you there taking pictures of a porta potty. They're beautiful.

  2. Great post, love your blog style! Glad I found you...oh, and Connie above is really cool, so if she's here, you're really cool too...

    Oh, for more roses such as this...

  3. Roses round the door indeed!

  4. I wondered what people thought as well - especially since there was a security camera (you can see it in the third photo down on the left side of the picture). It was a pretty muddy day as well, so I had to wipe my shoes off when I got to work. The things I do for my bloggy friends.

  5. I love that rose and you're so right, we could use lots more roses that make even the most mundane things prettier and sweeter smelling too!
    Kat :)

  6. Hi Grace! Your post certainly put a big smile on my face. How brave of you to risk security cameras and the mud to take pics of that bold and brave rose bush! I like your grit!! I am glad that Brenda sent me over to welcome you and I am your newest follower. Come by for a visit when you get a chance!!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. What an amazing pink rose - I wonder what the name of it is. Just shows you that beauty can be found in the strangest places.

  8. Just stopped by from C.L.H. and I'm here to stay. What a great perspective you have on things. I can read between the lines and love the humor.

    Kate- The Garden Bell

  9. Hi Grace,
    Thank you for your visit...Yes my daughter started the tradition she loves her garden birds...We also use them through the summer, but after a long winter we look forward to the birds singing and a reason to bring out the bird china:)

    Love your out house post...You really pulled it off with making a out house a cottage place to be :)
    I am a follower of you blog.


  10. What a wonderful bush. I love roses!

  11. What a great post. When I got to the port a potty I chuckled. Thank you for commenting on my deck and following. I am already following you I noticed. I think we have both commented before. There are just so many blogs to keep up with. I will measure that part of the deck and get back to you.

  12. such beauty wasted on a port a pot. lol
    I love climbing roses!

  13. I love your sense of humour! That is so funny...that beautiful bush right next to the porta potty! lol!

  14. That's funny,great photos ~ love your blog!!

  15. These pics made me smile!
    How a simple yet wonderful rose can change an, let me say that,awful chemical wc!!
    p.s. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.