Thursday, December 15, 2011

Style at Home - Christmas Decorating Tips

My sideboard gets out more than I do.  She's showing up again on the Style at Home website, but this time decked out in her Christmas finery.  She's hanging out with some mighty fine company too.  Hop on over to read the great tips from the other bloggers.  

My sideboard and I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to Elaine Song, Web Editor, for the invite.  We are pleased and honoured to have been included.

(with apologies for the wonky collage)

Also I want to welcome all the new followers that have shown up recently from the various Christmas parties.  I hope you make yourself at home here - pull up a chair and grab a cup of hot chocolate.   In case you missed some of my Christmas posts, I wanted to recap some things that might inspire you:

~ twine and cardboard can be turned into rustic letters like the ones that spell 'JOY' above our sideboard

~ red Sharpie, some dollar store plates, and a little doodle art can made some festive wall art like the Christmas plates over our sideboard

~ have a look at five different Christmas cookie recipes and ways to wrap them so they can be given as gifts

~ to read one of my most Googled posts about the 12 days of Christmas gift box


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