Thursday, June 17, 2010

"What I Love About My House" Blog Round-up

Janice at Canadian Cottage started it all, with her post about what she loves about her house.  She lives in a sweet older home, that she and her handy hubby are redoing, one piece of beadboard and one stroke of white paint at a time.  You can see here pretty dining room below.

I was inspired by her positive attitude and wrote this post about what I love about my own home.  It is so easy to be negative about all the projects that still need to be done around the house, that I thought it was a lovely exercise to focus on the things about my home that make me smile.

I know others around blogland have done posts on this topic now too, so I thought I would gather them together so we could all have a look.  I have to say, though, that I have a poor memory and a flighty brain so if I've forgotten anyone, then please let me know and maybe we can do another round-up next week.  Here are the wonderful posts in no particular order.

A Tranquil Townhouse
Kerry showed us some lovely boho collections around her house, as well as her John Denver autograph.  Kerry, who lives in Australia, has a keen eye for pretties, many of them from her extensive travels.

Have a look at Michelle's pretty porch and the stunning views from it.  Don't you just want to settle in for a visit?  Michelle also showed us her adorable, cozy kitchen, and a bedroom that looks like it is in a tree house. 

Echoes of Laughter
Angie wrote about the lovely vignettes she has around the house, that combine treasures from her grandmother, mixed with her children's art, Amy Butler fabric, and pictures from her hometown in Nova Scotia - truly an inspiration.

Three Ring Cottage
Gina showed us around her new-but-looks-old cute house.  I did not know that you could find a porch with a built-in fan, but Gina has one.   Check out the rest of her post for more details about her sweet, homey, Texan house filled with vintage treasures.

All Our Fingers in the Pie
I appreciate Sarah joining in as she has only recently moved into her 'fixer-upper' house, so she didn't feel like there was a lot to show yet.  I can see, though, that the garden, the nearby park, the big windows, and especially the wonderful neighbours she lives beside, all helped her decide on her new home.  You can see, in the photo below, the note that she got from her neighbour when she moved into her new house - what a lovely welcome! 

Thanks everyone for joining in.  I loved that no matter where we live, or what style of house we have, everyone has included personal touches that truly make a house a home.


  1. Hi Grace. Thanks so much for including me in your round-up. Off to visit the others!

  2. AAACK!! Grace, I just didn't have time to get to it, but I will- I promise! I haven't been home much lately and yesterday I babysat (spent the day covered in baby poop- trust me, you didn't want pictures of THAT!) I'm off to check out your links. I had to smile- I also have a glass jar full of cookie cutters!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Great post Grace, thanks for the wonderful new places to visit!

    Kat :)

  4. This is great! I love the description you wrote for mine. Ceiling fans on the porch are a huge thing in the south because of the heat. By the way, Stephenie at Decorating Addiction posted too and referenced you. She has a very sweet story.

  5. This is wonderful! I wish I had more time to join in. Sorry! We moved here a year ago and it has really taken me the whole year to start feeling the love for this place. This would have been a good exercise for me to help me along!

  6. Great collection. I'll be checking out everyone's stories. Love the fan on the porch!

  7. Thanks for collecting these Grace. I never thought of our bedroom like a tree house before but now that you've said it every time I walk in there I think of it.
    You know what would be another good exercise along the same lines - to blog about what things you love about yourself. I find a lot of us women tend to focus on the negative instead of finding the positive.

  8. Oh! I thought you were doing a linky! I did participate here:

  9. Thank you so much for including me in this round-up! I am going to visit all the other homes too! Isn't blogging a wonderful thing? I love touring homes and admiring other people's creativity and panache for decorating! Great post! xo

  10. I recognized Gina's porch before you said who it was. :)

    And I want want want Michelle's view.

    It's probably not available for shipping, though.

  11. Thank you Grace! That was so nice of you to include me. You really did a great job of organizing this. I love the idea of "What you love about yourself" from Pink Rose Cottage. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather!

  12. Sorry I couldn't join in Grace second to last post will explain why!!
    Pamela xo

  13. How lovely! I really appreciate the bloggers that open up and show a little of what they love in their home... it's fun! I will see if I can contribute as well, Grace :)


  14. What great homes everyone has! I am enjoying visiting those that are new to me. Thanks again for doing this. And thanks Gina3 for mentioning my post!

  15. I missed out on this but I love my house too. Are you going to do it again? This was fun.

  16. Grace...thanks for reminding us all to sit back and enjoy the things we love about our homes and not the things we dislike or need to change.:)