Monday, June 28, 2010

Sumer is icumen in, lhude sing cuccu!!

Translation from Middle English (most effective if said like a Shakespearean bard):

Summer is a-comin' in
Singeth loud cuckoo
Groweth seed 
and bloweth mead
And springeth the woods anew

Since summer vacation is a-comin' in three more days I thought I would list what I hope to do this summer.

So far I plan to:

1. go to the cottages. 

2.  paint the kitchen cabinets white.

3.  go to Stratford with hubby and see "The Tempest" - also includes lunch and a walk in the park.

4.  go on a Moonlight-and-Cheesecake date - thanks Sarah for the inspiration, although I may switch from cheesecake to a chocolate dessert, but I love the whole magic-in-the-city-at-night idea.

5.  plan a series of fun summer daytrips/weekend trips since hubby likely doesn't have a chunk of time off this summer.

6.  enjoy time with my brother and my sister and her family who are coming to visit us from Winnipeg this summer.

7.  enjoy the weeklong visit with our French guests (the parents of the exchange student who lived with us for a few months 2 years ago).

8.  deep clean the house - see #7.

9.  organize the storage room in the basement.  It has been a pit since William "decluttered" his room into the storage room.  Now his room looks zen and the storage room - not so much.

10.  hem a pair of dress pants that I bought last November.

11.  finish a blackboard project that I started in May.

12.  paint the dining room table black.

13.  touch-up the basement playroom paint where the wall was patched because of water damage.

14.  paint the upstairs hall and hang the photos we had framed last December.

15.  read at least 5 books.  Since blogging took over my life, I haven't read any books. at. all!

There we have it - 15 things I hope to do this summer.  What about you, what plans do you have for the summer?


  1. It is with a great deal of envy that I have to tell you that I have months to sort my summer to do list out Grace! But I will be most impressed if you get through that lot...hope you're going to give us progress posts!

  2. Sounds like a busy summer. I want to-
    1. paint my house exterior
    2. get new windows installed thruout house
    3. make a few interesting day trips
    4. dig more beds for planting next spring
    5. fix a few clothing items
    6. go to the rodeo
    7. go to nephew's wedding
    8. find an electrician, cabinet installer
    9. order everything for my reno this fall
    10. get my business year end taxes done

    I'm tired now!

  3. wow! you are so organized and busy!!!
    my plans are to make it thru the next day with all my hair on, despite of my toddler's attempt to make me bald before he turns 2yrs old at the end of summer. Great luck with all of your projects!

  4. Since blogging took over my life I haven't done much cleaning or organizing. I have gotten some painting done that was put off though and I hardly ever watch t.v. anymore.

  5. Wow, that's quite the list. How long do you have off? Good luck getting it all done. Looks like you have some fun, relaxing things planned along with some 'not-so-much-fun' things to do. Can't wait to see how those kitchen cabinets come out. I want to paint mine so badly and just can't decide for sure on a color or make myself do it.

  6. Sounds like a fun busy summer. I'm jealous of you going to Stratford!! Have fun.

    I can't wait to see your cupboards painted white!! This is exciting.

    I'm still waiting for the warm weather to arrive and then I'll make my list.

  7. Wow Grace, you have quite the ambitious list there! I got tired just reading it!

    Kat :)

  8. OOOh, Shakespeare! I knew I liked you, Grace. We totally dig on The Bard, too :) My children are just beginning to get into his plays. Bruce Coville does some excellent (not dumbed down or made goofey) retellings for children. Lovely Christmas gifts for children in your life.

    Can't wait to see the cabinets white. It will make such a huge impact!


  9. We are busy all summer, so I'm planning for autumn:

    I want to learn more about photography - community college?
    I can't stand the popcorn ceiling in my bedroom one more minute!
    I need to paint outside trim before the rains start.
    My garden is getting the rethink it deserves.

    What a dreary list! Can I have yours?