Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WISH Wednesday #5

Yes folks - it is finally time to start posting some Christmas WISH (Weekly Inspiration for Seasonally decorated Homes) photos.  With the blue, white, and silver colour scheme this photo is Christmassy with an emphasis on winter.  I'm partial to blue-silver colour combinations so this one caught my attention right away.

I also adore it when natural elements are included like the evergreen boughs and the pine cones.

Better Homes and Gardens
And finally, I like the winter painting that is over the mantel.  All put together I think this mantel looks so calm and serene and pretty!  

What colours do you use for Christmas?  Truth be told, Christmas around our house is pretty much of a dog's breakfast of colours (as in all the traditional ones jumbled together), but that doesn't stop me from admiring more restrained arrangements.


  1. That picture above the mantle is beautiful and I like the sconce. We too usually use all traditional colors but of course there is more red than anything. I like red/green with silver or white.

  2. I use bold colors for my tree, lots of bright greens, pinks, reds, and also white and silver. I also use bright ribbon for my greenery on banisters. But the rest of my decor is a bit understated because I use flowers and greenery. I do not go for much of the kitschy stuff that most Americans use in decorating for Christmas. That just isn't "us."

  3. This year I feel like I'm on fire! I'm changing my theme and I bought all new decorations. I will be posting a TON of photos of my house this year!

  4. I don't do much seasonal decorating and without a fireplace and mantle I'm sure you can understand why! But my Christmas tree is black and I decorate it with silver, pearls and glass :) Love that painting!

  5. Gorgeous mantel. I usually go tradition as well but more of a brighter green. With lots of white and silver.