Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Craft Party

I had my second annual Christmas craft party this past weekend. It was a lot of fun to hang out with my friends from the art class, to make some Christmas crafts, and to eat delicious food.

Everyone brings something to nibble on which makes things much easier.  I baked brownies, cut up some veggies, and whipped up some of Sarah Richardson's Spiced Nuts (recipe from this post).  They are delicious, although they burn easily so watch your timing on them and I only put half the amount of cayenne in because I'm a spice-wimp.

Sarah Richardson's Spiced Nuts

The bag was opened and then the bottom was rolled in under itself to hold the chips up near the top - clever, eh!

This year we made four different crafts at three different stations.  I had them set up so people could just move between the tables whenever they were ready to.  

You can see the three stations in the dining room and family room below - thank goodness for open concept homes at a time like this.

Here's the low down on what we made:

1) Twig Stars 

They were simple to make and looked so pretty all lined up along our bench at the end of the evening (why is it that Juno photo-bombed every single photo I took of our finished stars).

Here's what you need to make twig stars:
  • twigs - I used some dogwood branches that I clipped from our bush in the backyard
  • glue guns
  • clippers 
  • different sized star templates
  • ribbon, twine, and berries to decorate the stars

2) Glass Ornaments and
3) Glass Tea Light Holders
These two were at the same table because they took many of the same materials. Everyone got really creative here and there was a lot of variety in how the ornaments and tea light holders were decorated.

Here's what you need to make these:
  • glass ornaments
  • glass tea light holders
  • glue
  • paint
  • glitter
  • paint pens
  • small containers to put the glitter, paint, or glue into
  • small funnel for pouring the glitter into the ornaments
  • paint brushes

and this is how pretty the table covering looked after the party 

4) Orange Carving
We actually did this last year, but almost everyone's oranges went mouldy except mine.  I put mine on the floor heat vent for two weeks and they dried out perfectly.  You can see the ones I made last year all dried out and displayed on my mantel this year, in the photo below.

Orange carving requires the following:
  • oranges
  • a carving set - the kind for carving linoleum
  • a bowl to catch the carved orange peel

Not everyone in the class lives in a home with floor heat vents so I'm drying mine and a few other people's.  And now my family room heat vents look like this and the whole main floor smells like oranges.

You can see what crafts we made last year in this post (one of my favourite crafts we did last year were the beaded stars which I used in the first photo of this post).  Have you ever been to a craft party? We had ours extra early this year to accommodate everyone's schedule - which means, apart from the tree, the house is decorated for Christmas. Wahoo!

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  1. How much fun…..I really like the twig stars! I've never been to a craft party, but I've been to a couple of cookie swaps! ;P

  2. WOW Grace ... what a great idea ... and good crafts. Nice kickoff to the season.

  3. wow, coincidence! I just had my 2nd annual Christmas craft party too. Wish i could have been invited to yours, it looks like y'all had so much fun :)

  4. I love the twig stars too. If I lived closer I would be wiggling myself into an "invite". :)

  5. Looks like it was super fun. Love the twig stars. We are having a cookie decorating party in a few weeks and I may have to leverage some of these ideas for food and goodies!

  6. What fun to have friends over for a craft party! Sounds like a very good time and you made some nice crafts, I especially like the twig star. Hugs, Cindy

  7. Oh that looks like it was a very fun party! Great crafts and the oranges are so cool. Will have to try that myself, I want my house to smell like oranges too!....LOL Kit

  8. These are such fun ideas - I love the stars and the oranges. Thanks for inviting us all to the party!

  9. Awesome that you had a craft party for Christmas decorations!!. Very cool. Have a great Christmas season. Linda at Crafts a la Mode

  10. I love this!! May i ask how you set it up? I.e., did you pay for all of the materials yourself? Or did your friends contribute financially or by purchasing some of the supplies? Thanks!