Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cookie Gift Packaging Using a Wrapped Box

This morning I posted some yummy - and somewhat healthy cookie bars - and this afternoon I'm going to show you one way you could package them so you could give them to someone else.

I decided to use a wrapped box to deliver these cookies.  The first step was to go downstairs to our pantry and see what size box would work best.  The pasta box was the one that seemed just right, so pasta it was.  Here's how to go from pasta to pretty!

I cut down the sides of the top of the box so it could now open completely.  I then wrapped the box in some wrapping paper.

I punched holes in the end of the box and the matching spots on the flap so I could thread ribbon through the holes to close the box.

I also lined the box with waxed paper which I folded over the squares before closing the lid.

I tied a bow in the ribbon that was holding the end closed and I wrapped a ribbon around the box itself to dress it up a bit and keep the lid down tight.  All you need now is a tag and you are ready to spread the cheer.

Tomorrow is the last day of Christmas Cookie Week - come on back for one last cookie recipe.  And don't forget to visit Angie at Echoes of Laughter, to see what she baked and how she packaged it.

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  1. Very cute and creative. Is it possible for you to offer your cute blog via email? makes it easier to keep up on currant reading. Right now I suscribe in a reader. thanks