Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Dining Room

For years at our family cottage there was a plate that I admired.  I loved the turquoise colour with the fruit painted in the middle, the sweet squared shape, and the rope edging.  

This cottage was bought by my Grandparents about 55 years ago and is now owned by my parents and my Aunt and Uncle.  About 12 years ago, I had mentioned to my mother how much I loved that plate.  My mother had said I should just take it home with me, but I felt that wasn't the thing to do, since it also belonged to my other relatives as well.  That  Christmas my mother and aunts surprised me and gave me the plate. 

Cobi Ladner, the former editor of Canadian House and Home, had her kitchen featured in the October 1998 issue of the magazine.  Fortunately I'm a bit of a pack rat so I was able to take a photo of the magazine picture to show you my original inspiration for the plates.  When I looked at Cobi's dining room it was the first time I knew that the plate that I loved came in a range of coordinating colours.

 See the plates hanging on her wall?  Such a pretty dining room, isn't it.

 Here's a closer look.  
(These photos are used with Cobi's permission.  She told me that she still has her plates but hasn't got them up just now.  She is considering putting them in her daughter's bedroom, but hasn't decided yet.)

Once I knew that there was a whole set, I searched eBay and bought all the rest on-line.  We hung them in our dining room in two columns on either side of a batik that my Grandmother made.

See the turquoise one in the middle

My Grandmother was an artist, who painted and made batiks, so I feel honoured to have this lovely batik that she made hanging in our dining room surrounded by the plates that I love.

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  1. Very pretty and soothing. The plates look wonderful around your Grandmothers' batik.


  2. That's what I like...decorating with a story behind it. Everything is meaningful in addition to being beautiful! That's amazing you found there was a collection and then were able to get them all.

  3. I love that you searched out for the entire set. It all looks perfect together.

  4. WOW!! Gorgeous plates and I love that painting!!

  5. The plates go perfectly with the batik; they were meant to be together!

  6. The plates are absolutely beautiful. It all looks great together. Gorgeous painting, how nice!!!

  7. Grace, I cannot get over how beautiful those plates are with your grandmothers art! How stunning, thank you for sharing!

  8. Oh how wonderful that you now have the whole set. They look absolutely beautiful up on your wall! A-M xx

  9. Grace -- that is such a beautiful plate! I love what you have done with your treasures -- why not enjoy them? Your family is very sweet for giving you something that you truly love...

    (how fabulous is Cobi's room? -- love your take on the idea)

    P.S your new header is just so cheery!

  10. Your plates are lovely and how wonderful that you have the painting done by your Grandmother, what a treasure!

    Kat :)

  11. Thanks for all your lovely compliments on the plates with my Grandmother's art.

    Just to clarify, as several of you have thought it is a painting, but it is actually a batik. My Grandmother made many batiks and I remember doing a few with her. Batiks are a very old art form that involves painting with wax on cloth. The wax stops dye from being absorbed by the cloth so you have some areas with colour and some without. My Grandmother would do many, many layers of wax, dyeing the cloth in different colours to get the effect in the picture I have. The white lilies would have been the first area coverd by wax, so she preserved the white of the fabric. Then she likely did a yellow dye and put more wax on to make the yellow flowers. After many layers of alternating wax and dyeing, the wax would be melted off the fabric to reveal the picture. It is really complicated to make pictures with a lot of different colours in them.

    I hope that makes sense. I'll try and take a close-up of the batik and post it later, so you can see the details.

  12. Your batik is beautiful and such a treasure! The plates are beautiful too.

  13. That's such a beautiful vignette! I love those plates!
    It looks like the batik was made to go with the plates. It's nice you have something your grandma made.

  14. What a special treat those plates are - I've never seen them before - they are just delightful, as is your dining room - so peaceful.