Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cute Houses in Halifax and More

Kate, our 17 year old daughter, flew to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a few days over March break.  She went to check out two universities to see if she wants to attend there next year.  Kate was very fortunate in being in Halifax when they had record-breaking warm, sunny weather.  Halifax is a lovely maritime city on the Atlantic Ocean and Kate took some photos for me to share.

There were lots of adorable clapboard houses painted in a rainbow of colours,

with amazing trim,

and doors painted coordinating colours.

I think I was meant to live there.   Is that beautiful, or what?

Then there is the gorgeous harbour.   I mean, every city should be built on the ocean so you can get views like this.

And the university - looking just like a university should.

I can certainly see why Kate is keen on going to Halifax for univesity, but since it is about 50,000 km from home you can see why I'm not so keen.  Although, if she were to attend university in Halifax, I might be able to get to visit Halifax now and then, and that would be fun.


  1. I love those houses!!! That is the one thing I don't like about B.C. there are very few homes like that. Everything here is either west coast contemporary or 1960's brady bunch! I miss Ontario too for all the heritage homes.

    I don't blame you for not liking the idea of your daughter going so far for University! I don't even want to think about my Sam being that age yet!

    Anyways your daughter has a good eye for design.

  2. Hi Grace. I fixed the Springridge post, it should work now.
    I'm drooling over the architecture. Halifax is on our east coast vacation plan for the future too. Very good friends of ours are from Cape Breton and went to both St. FX and UNB.

  3. It would indeed be fun to visit her if she attended school in Halifax! (though, no doubt you would miss her)

  4. Hi Grace!
    Halifax is a great city and your daughter really would love it. That said, I completely see where you are coming from...maybe we can homeschool our young adults their university courses?
    On second thought, I want them to succeed in life, so... :-)

    Your blog is looking awesome! I haven't forgotten my promise to showcase it, I have jsut been so busy with the now three blogs I write.
    Ack! Will get to it though!!!