Monday, March 1, 2010


I had a giveaway recently, that ended on February 21st.  Two names have now been drawn and I have attempted, without success, to contact the winners by email.  

Sooooo - here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to draw a name from the same yellow bowl every day at 5:00 pm EST and that person has 24 hours to get in contact with me and give me their mailing address.  If I haven't heard within 24 hours, another name is drawn and so on. 

Who would have thought giving away things could be so difficult.  Not to mention that I would like to have my yellow bowl back for cooking.

Today's winner is:  KRISTEN.  An email has been sent to you to get your mailing address. 

UPDATE:  Kristen has given me a mailing address so we have a winner.  Yahoo!!!


  1. I'll take it!!! LOL!! And the yellow bowl!!

  2. I sent you an e-mail. I hope you got mine :).

    I didn't use the computer yesterday at all or I would have responded right away.

    Thanks You,

  3. So glad to hear from you, Kristen. The goodies will be in the mail soon.

    Janine, maybe I'll get another giveaway going sometime soon. I even have one in mind - and no it isn't giving away my yellow bowl.