Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Photo - The Windswept Pine

Our Georgian Bay cottage is on an island - not just any island, though - it is a rocky island with windswept white pine trees surrounded by sparkling blue water.  All the trees have been shaped by the constant winds from the west and their branches bend around to the leeward side.  There is one tree, however, that is particularily knarled and deformed.  It's rugged beauty has made it one of our favourite trees. 

We're not the only ones who admire the rocky landscape of Georgian Bay.  The Group of Seven -  a group of Canadian landscape painters that painted in the 1920s - often painted the Georgian Bay scenery.  They visited camps and cottages at Go Home Bay (just south of our cottage) and Bying Inlet (just north of our cottage) and painted the rocky islands and windswept trees similar to the ones we have at our cottage.  The paintings below especially remind me of our island.

"Bying Inlet" by Tom Thomson

"Split Rock, Georgian Bay" by Tom Thomson

"Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay"  by Fred Varley

"Island, Georgian Bay" by Franklin Carmichael


  1. Beautiful pictures!! All of them!
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. How wonderful to have a cottage in northern Ontario! And I love the group of seven thank you Grace for sharing those beautiful paintings.

    Did you know Sarah Richardson has a cottage on Georgian Bay? By chance maybe you are by her?

    Have a great weekend...I will be off to Disney Land for 4 days.

  3. It's so nice to read other Canadian blogs! I love these pictures! Looking forward to following along. My favourite colour is blue too!

  4. How wonderful to have a cottage with a view and with some history. I just love those paintings.


  5. Great pictures! What a wonderful place to have a cottage. The views have to be amazing! Thanks!

  6. I love the group of seven and Tom Thomson. DIi you know he died before the group was formed. He was their inspiration. I think he drowned? Ok, I just googled him - it was a suspicious drowning. I'm getting off topic, sorry.

  7. Grace that place looks beautiful and I could see why it would inspire any sort of artist.

    Love the blue entrance and I am now wanting split pea soup and scones for some odd reason:-)

  8. What a beautiful photo!!! You must really enjoy your home!

  9. What an amazing view you must have!!! Wow! To wake up to scenery like that every day must be so inspiring!!!

  10. What a beautiful area Grace and how lucky to have a cottage there! I love the photo and the paintings!

    Kat :)