Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Love Blue

It's no secret that I love blue.
 Truth to tell I have a lot of blue around the house.

There is blue paint on the walls,
and blue wallpaper,

and blue dishes,

and many, many blue tablecloths,

and a blue door

And probably a lot more blue things to come.

What's your favourite colour?


  1. Hi Grace
    Well I must say I'm a green and pink girl. But there is something calming about the colour blue. In my last home our guest bedroom was all blue and white. It was a real jump for me using blue but I really loved it! I felt so serene and calm everytime I entered that bedroom. I really like your blue willow plates and that lovely blue toile!

  2. What a lovely blog I tumbled into ... and what a lovely tablecloth! I do have a thing for lovely tablecloths.


  3. I really can't pick a favorite color. I love so many. Lately I've had a thing for blue too. It's so serene.

  4. I'm blue too! I love whites, creams, and tans but I always have blue. Blues in many shades. Walls, drapes, mason jars, dishes, slipcovers, pillows, napkins, the list goes on. I don't think I have a room that doesn't have at least a touch of blue.
    I love your blue door. I've always wanted one. Our trim/vinyl downspouts etc. were coordinated to our brick by the architect and are light khaki and khaki with a strong green tint. Blue would not work for our exterior at all, so we go with a khaki-green for our front door.

    I became a follower.

  5. Light blue, light green and white. From my home to my clothes I'm always drawn to those colors and have to make a serious effort to try something else sometimes.

  6. beautiful images... blue is a very refreshing color if used the right way which seems you are... have a nice weekend!

  7. Blue does seem pretty popular, with green a close second, judging by the comments so far. I definitely love both of those colours as well.

  8. Blue blue blue - all the way!

    Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog - I've done the same on yours - I think we have alot in common! I'm loving what I've read so far ... :)