Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Wish I had My Camera and Other News

I saw the cutest sight the other day when I was driving home.  I wished so much I had my camera with me, but alas I didn't, so I'll try to paint a picture for you. 

In a driveway near our house, a teenage guy was all suited up in his goalie gear and leaning against his hockey net.  He was patiently waiting for the two little boys he was playing street hockey with to get the ball rolling in the direction of the net.  The two little boys were no more than 4 and 6 years old and could hardly control their hockey sticks or hit the ball.  You could just hear them,  "Come on let's play hockey.  You've got to get all your stuff on and be the goalie for us".  Good times for those little boys.

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In other news:
Progress on the bathroom has ground to a halt.  I worked on it over the weekend and got the wall and trim installed.  There was no time to cook on Sunday so we bought a frozen lasagna and cooked it for dinner.  

Hubby re-heated the leftover lasagna for supper on Monday so I could paint. 

By Tuesday Hubby was down with the stomach flu, so I convinced William and Kate to make an omelet and toast for dinner so I could put the second coat of paint on the wall.  The omelet tasted great but they didn't make very much.  William suggested I eat slowly so I could savour what I had and feel full faster.  It was pretty much a vegetable-free zone, so I encouraged everyone to have a couple of pieces of fruit after dinner.

By Wednesday the wall was painted and waiting for the towel rack to be installed, which requires hubby's assistance.  So we wait for the stomach flu to pass.  

And we wait.  

And wait.


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