Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogs that have Inspired Me

To my great pleasure and surprise, I was recently awarded the Sunshine Award by Sarah at Dream in Domestic.

I am supposed to pass this award on to 12 other bloggers, but that seems like a very difficult task to narrow things down to just 12 as I read so many (just ask my family about how long my list of favourites is).  So I got the idea from A Tranquil Townhouse, a witty, pretty Australian blog, that I found through the beautiful blog A Room for Everyone (also Australian - see how talented those Aussies are), to mention 12 blogs that have helped, inspired, supported and generally shown kindness to me in my early blog days.  Well, it really still is early blog days, but I mean really early wet-behind-the-ears blog days.

So here they are (in no particular order):

1. Restyled Home.  Now I know Linda doesn't really do Blog Awards, but that's because she probably has been given millions over the years and she is super busy running three blogs - Restyled Home, as well as Flea Market Style, and Holiday, and writing for magazines with Matthew Mead.  Not only is she amazingly talented but she has been unfailingly gracious and helpful to me starting up my bloglet.  Linda was the first person who wrote a comment on my blog - back before I could even figure out how to get my blog to show up on Google.  Anyone else have that problem?  Anyway, she also answered technical questions and gave me oodles of encouragment.

2. Low Tide, High Style.  Kat was one of my first Followers and is one of my most frequent commenters.  What blogger doesn't love that.  We have emailed back and forth about everything from blog technical questions, to decorating, and family up-dates.   Not only has she been a joy to get to know over the past few months, but she also happens to live in the house that has my dream kitchen, which she also happens to have designed. 

3. Colour me Happy.  Maria is a talented designer (I mean she even teaches colour courses and has her work in magazines) who has also taken the time to be kind and sweet to a new blogger like me.  It is very flattering to have a certified colour consultant say she likes the colour of your front door - it does wonders to your decorating ego.
4. French Buttons.  I think French Buttons leaves the sweetest comments.  She always makes me want to do my best to show her beautiful pictures of Ontario.  She used to live here and recently moved to Vancouver Island (which happens to be one of the most beautiful places in Canada so I have to work hard to compete with all that loveliness).  You can follow along on her blog as she explores her new home.

5. A Day in the Country.  Heather is living the other life I would have liked - on an organic blueberry farm in British Columbia (okay that really is a lesser known fact about me).  If I was ever to meet Heather I would look forward to chatting with her adorable daughter, checking out her farm, and going to the bathroom at least two or three times (she has two of my favourite bathrooms so I would need to go at least twice to visit them both and possibly more for repeat visits). 

6. Three Ring Cottage.  Gina and I are like twins separated at birth and she got to live in Texas and I got to live in Ontario.  We both started our blogs at the same time, we are both Speech-Language Pathologists, she grew up with Yorkie dogs and we now have one, and her father's family even came from Ontario - how strange is that.   

7. Full House.  Not only is her blog full of crazy gorgeous inspiration pictures, she has a crazy gorgeous house, all the while raising twin girls and triplet boys (get it  - a full house), and taking the time to leave me inspiring, friendly comments.  I don't know how she stays sane, let alone keep a blog going.  My hats off to you!

8.  Haute Design.  I don't know where Sarah finds all the gorgeous ethereal photos on her blog but they are just dreamy.  Not only can she find dresses and rooms to make you sigh, but she takes the time to stop by my blog and sends some encouragment my way. 

9.  Our Castle.  There is hardcore renovating going on at Andrew and Meredith's Toronto house.  There doesn't seem to be anything they won't tackle, from rebuilding stairs to laying down hardwood.  They also took the time out to write a post just for little old me on the differences between all the diffetent types of saws.  So if you want an armchair view of hard work happening, head on over to their blog.

10. Blue Clear Sky.  Not only does Elizabeth have a pretty blog, full of creative ideas, but she happens to be the first blogger I have met who lives near to where I do.  We work in the same town and she lives in the same town where my parents live.  Our houses are also about the same age and have a lot of similarities to them. 

11. Just Beachy.  Chris is the energizer bunny of home renovations.  There ain't nothing this girl can't do.  She was the inspiration behind me doing most of the work on the mini-bathroom redo.  Okay, so I was using glue and finishing nails and Chris uses big, gutsy nailers and saws, but I felt like I was channelling her can-do attitude.

12.  Hartwood Roses.  I have only recently found Connie's blog, but I admire people who are really informed on a topic and Connie knows her roses.  She runs a nursery that specializes in antique and rare roses and she also is renovating her house.  Connie is one of those intelligent, well-informed people who is an inspiration to be around.

There is my list, after much agonizing, and decision-making as there are sooo many I read and enjoy.  I hope you take the time to visit some of these lovely blogs and enjoy them too.


  1. That is so kind, all these ladies are wondeful and talented too .
    thanks so much

  2. Yay! I get to be the second commentor on here...Chris beat me to the punch!
    Wow, you say such wonderful things about me...I am truly honoured and now don't need to do any daily affirmations today...hah!

    Your blog looks lovely, and it, and your writing, are reflections of you and your style and talent.



  3. Grace,
    That is so awesome you mentioned me. What a great surprise to see that. I just got back from the Texas Speech and Hearing Assoc. Convention and couldn't wait to catch up on my favorite blogs. Yours is one of the first I checked and how fun it was to see my blog listed. Thanks so much!!!!

  4. Hi Grace. A huge congratulations on your award...and so glad I could help you, in a very small way, to respond in a way that worked for you...thanks for the lovely mention. These award things are lovely, but difficult at the same time! You Canadians are ok by us Aussies!

  5. Oh Grace I am truly honoured! I can't believe it wow this has made my weekend!!

    I love visiting your blog it keeps me in touch with home!

    My email is

    Thanks so much
    Pamela xo

  6. Grace, thank you so much for the award! I so appreciate it! I will have to check out the other blogs you have mentioned!!

  7. Thanks so much for including us on this list! It's great getting to meet wonderful people like you through our blog.

  8. Thanks so much Grace! Your blog is very inspiring and I appreciate your friendship too!

    Kat :)

  9. As I told you in an may use my loo as much as you like, any time! Thank you for the flattery.

  10. Thanks so much Grace! It is so nice to be included with so many great blogs I read daily. I will also be sure to check out some others I have missed.
    Woohoo, warm weather is on its way to Southern Ontario for Easter weekend.