Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WISH Wednesday #57

Having seen John and Sherry Petersik, from the blog Young House Love, on Monday at the book tour party (which you can read about here), I thought I would post a room from their home for WISH Wednesday. I was surprised that some of you had not heard of them so this is my opportunity to introduce you to one of my favourite rooms they decorated - it is their daughter Clara's nursery from their first home. 

I love the blue and green colours they used on the walls and ceiling and the floral drapes.  I usually am not a fan of painting the ceiling, but I think the beautiful aqua colour they used works so well to tie everything together.   You can see more photos here.

Have you ever painted a ceiling in your home?  We have always had white ceilings, but I do love this aqua colour.  Would you consider it?
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  1. Oh I ADORE John and Sherry and yes, my sons bathroom and the laundry room both have pale blue painted ceilings.

  2. When our son was little his bedroom ceiling was sky blue with white clouds! Where we live now the ceilings are quite low, so colour wouldn't look good. In fact, we have the coving painted the same colour as the walls to give the illusion of height.

  3. I absolutely love the green for little girls idea! Pink has had its heyday, why not let green have a little fun?