Friday, November 9, 2012

A Thrift Store Find and a Table Up-date

The other day I was at the thrift store and I found these two paint-by-number paintings for $5 each. 

I really didn't pay much attention to paint-by-number paintings until I kept reading about them in blogland.  I began to notice them in lots of pretty gallery walls and decorating some of the coolest homes around.  I started to fall in love with them too.  They have a retro vibe and I really like the colours that are often used.  

For the past while when I visit thrift shops I've had my eyes open for ones that I like.  I did see some horse paint-by-numbers recently, but I'm not really into horses so I left them.  

Then I saw these ones and they were perfect.  I can identify with the subject matter - early spring in a forest with a sugar bush (where they make maple syrup). Not only did I like the subject matter, but I feel like these were painted by the Rembrandt of the paint-by-number world.  Just look at how clean the lines are and how carefully painted they are.

I brought them home to see how my husband felt about them and he liked them too.  We're going to include them in the gallery wall that I'm working on.

In other news, we have had two tables in our dining room for the past few weeks - one to work on and one to eat on. That's about to change though as I'm finally finished redoing the table and the spare table can go back to the garage.  

There are a few things I still have to do with our table though.  It needs a bit of structural work as it sags a bit in the middle (I'm thinking I would sag in the middle after 100 years too) - I'm hoping my father will help me fix that.  

Also I want to get four chairs from IKEA to use with our new table on most days and we can bring out the black chairs when we have all the family here and need to extend the table.  Here are the two styles of IKEA chairs I'm considering.  

The first one looks a little more modern and a little lighter because of the open weave and the lower back.  We need to go and sit in it though as we are wondering if the back slopes away too much to be comfortable while dining.  The second one reminds me of the inspiration photo below.  I like this one a lot, but my husband thinks it looks a little too much like an outdoor chair.  

What do you think?  Any clear winner, in your book?

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  1. The pictures are very well done, and I agree with you about the colours, the do have a good 'feel' to them.
    The top chairs look like they will be mighty uncomfortable, especially without cushions!

  2. Those really are nicely done paint-by-number paintings and the colors are wonderful.

    I would definitely try out the chairs to see if they are comfortable for what you want to use them for.


  3. I love those paint by number paintings, I would have picked them up in a heart beat too! My fav chair would be choice #2, looks elegant. I love wicker furniture and am thinking of buying a few chairs for my living room.

  4. The paint by numbers are a great find! You're right about the clean lines, too. Funny thing: I have that same type table. It was a junk-shop find in about 1980 and my first "apartment" table after refinishing. Then it went in our first home, and finally now is under our bed awaiting the time for one of our kids to need it in an apartment (which might be soon). When I refinished it, there was partially chipped veneer on the top, which I removed (with Dad's help), and put an Oak stain on it, then polyurethane. It still has a perfect finish, and mine sags, too! I have no leaves, though. I always wondered if it possibly had a center leg for support that was "lost" along the way of its long life. I love the blue base you've given yours. Oh, almost forgot. I vote for the 2nd chair picture. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The paintings were a great find. Love the new look of your table, too. Either chair would look good and add lovely texture. Doing a 'sit' test is a great idea.

  6. Love the second chair! You could easily soften it with a seat cushion or even a little slipcover. Just a thought. :o) Hope you are enjoying your weekend. It hit 65 here today...just lovely.

  7. Those pictures are amazing. Paint by number is very collectible. And the table is looking very good!

  8. Your paint-by-number finds are a major score! I would proudly display them in my home as well. I vote for the 2nd chair, but would check them out in person before making a final decision. Can't wait to see how it looks!

  9. I have a feeling that the first chair is quite comfortable given the curve in the back, however, I do prefer the second chair. You can change it up, add little seat cushions or slipcovers from time to time, definitely my favourite.

  10. Love the paintings! Such a great collectable. Kit

  11. I love the paintings, such a wonderful find! I vote for chair #2, can't wait to see the finished dining room!