Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Feeling the Young House Love

Last night I went to West Elm and waited in line for a couple of hours to meet the crazy popular bloggers Sherry and John Petersik, who have recently launched a book featuring over 240 easy and creative DIY projects (mind you, if that's news to you then I don't know where you have been hiding).  

Sherry and John are on a jam-packed book tour schedule right now with stops in different cities almost every day.  I can't believe they have the stamina for such a busy tour.  At the Toronto stop alone there were over 450 people waiting to talk with them, have their books signed, and pose for a picture.  

So what were Sherry and John really like, you ask?  Well since we spent some time getting to know each other I can fill you in.  They are just as fun and likable in person as they are on their blog.  They are both super friendly and kept up their enthusiasm to meet fan after fan for hours and hours.  When I told them I have been reading their blog since 2008 (seriously, I feel like I really really know them) they said I was one of the originals and Sherry even wrote "to one of the originals" in the book.  Sherry is very bubbly and outgoing.  She complimented me on my blue pants and wanted to know where i got them.  Mind you, I know it was only chit-chat since Sherry wouldn't be interested in buying them unless they came in black.  Anyone who reads Young House Love knows Sherry dresses mostly in black.  Just like we know that Clara likes to wear pink Crocs and John wears shirts featuring pop logos and Burger likes to burrow under the blankets after the bed is made to sleep all day and ... many many other random Petersik facts that anyone who reads their blog knows about them.

Thankfully I didn't have to stand in line for hours by myself.  Instead I got to hang out with Lisa from Wicked and Weird, Janine from Tonic Living, and Jen from Rambling Renovator. They were wonderful company and made the time seem to pass quickly.  Being wined and dined cookied and cocoaed helped as well.

Janine and Jen were both on Sherry's list of who she was hoping to meet in Toronto, so there was much excited chatter and hugs when it was their turn.

Jen and Sherry hugging like old friends

Janine getting her photo with the celebs
The person in front of us had stood in line so her sister could meet John and Sherry via her i-phone.  Here's John and Sherry posing with her.  Sherry thought that was hilarious and took photos of her own.  How cute is that?

Obviously Jen got the memo to wear yellow on top (she not only had a yellow jacket, but a yellow cardi as well) and blue pants.

It was my first time at a West Elm store and I loved it.  I've been wanting to make the trip for awhile now so I was excited to take a tour of the store.

I thought the little nook near the cash filled with driftwood and owls was adorable.

The Christmas trees were inspiring - lots of white feathers, glass balls, painted pine cones, and twig decorations.

And this little twig all wrapped in white wool looked so wintery - and possibly like a very labour-intensive DIY project.

Do you want to see what I bought (well besides the book natch)?  

And do you want to know what my dear husband said about my beautiful garland - "What the heck is that?  It looks like someone's intestines."  Unbelievable!  I'm sure he will fall in love with it when he sees it on the mantel.  Don't you agree?

Moving on...  

Now that I've had a look through the book, I have to say it is wonderful.  John and Sherry have come up with over 240 projects that are easy ways to bring your house some love.  Their book would make a great gift for any DIYer.

And I also want to add a thanks to West Elm for hosting the book signing!
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  1. Looks like you had a blast! I am so upset I had to miss them when they came to NJ. I rarely go away and I just happened to be in Charleston, SC. Oh well, it was right after the hurricane anyway so who knows what the driving conditions would have been to get to the place. Glad you got to meet them. I have been reading them for a few years myself!

  2. How fun, I'm so happy you got to go and that you shared it with all of us! And I almost bought that same "intestine" garland! Now I will forever think of intestines when I see it! lol


  3. Sounds like a great evening, intestines and all ;)

  4. Great recap Grace. I didn't realize you were such a long time reader of theirs! I'm going to borrow your photo of the bear hug for my Facebook page. Hope you don't mind! We will have to coordinate our outfits for the next blogger event ;)

  5. I too have been long, long time readers since 2008! I have loved them since then, their prints they used to sell and the boards for interiors of people homes. They seem so down to earth and friendly. I am excited that you had such a great time and wonderful company!

    Have a great week, by the way, I love the advent calendar!

    Take care, Elizabeth

  6. Oh man! You are SO lucky! I would have loved to go! Lucky girl you!! Jealous! Do you want to join me next week for Cookie Week? I would love to partner up again! I am just posting once a day with a cookie recipe. Please let me know! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  7. I don't know where I have been, but I have never heard of this couple. Thanks for the info because I will be checking them out now!

  8. It looks like a lot of fun. I wasn't familiar with their blog, I will have to check it out now. Husbands have such a way with words at times!!

  9. I'm sooo jealous! I will have to settle for buying a plain old unautograped version of their book! I laughed at your husband's comment, it sounds like something mine would say! When will they learn to just trust us?