Friday, November 30, 2012

Most Useful Christmas Tip Ever

It's a small tip, but one that will change your life.  Okay, maybe not change your life, but at least your wrapping paper storage container.  Here it is:

Did you catch the cleverness of it all.  A lowly toilet paper tube slit down the middle and clipped on the wrapping paper roll keeps it all rolled up.  Genius, eh?

Did you notice that tomorrow is December 1st.  You still have time to make an advent calendar.  

Do you have some envelopes? Then check here for inspiration.
Do you have some crepe paper streamers? Then check here for inspiration.
Do you have a stapler and a ribbon?  Then check here for inspiration.

I'm going to take some photos of our Christmas mantel tomorrow when it is daylight.  So far I've only finished decorating the mantel, but we've been enjoying how it turned out.

I'm also working on a gift for my preteen and teenage nieces and nephews that involve using these things:

Any guesses?  I'll show you next week.  Such fun!
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  1. Grace I see you have your creative thoughts in high gear; great inspiration!

    2012 Artists Series and Giveaway from The House of Edward!

  2. okay as A-M stated.....genius....simply genius. That is always one of my bug-a-boos at Christmas.