Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doors on a Gothic Revival House

Today I saw this charming Gothic revival house when we went to Waterloo to visit Malcolm.  Although this little house really is in need of some TLC (tender loving care), it has remarkable details that just grabbed my attention, which of course meant I had to take some photos.     

Gothic revival is one of the most common architectural styles in Ontario before the 1930s, characterized by arched windows, gables, and ornate trim.

Not only does this house have wonderful trim, but someone has also painted the front door in one of my favourite colours.

Everyone squint now and imagine there is no storm door in front of the lovely wooden door.  Pretty, isn't it?

Love the dental moulding over the doorway.

Around the side there was a garage also ornamented with gorgeous trim which makes me think this house was from the early part of the 1900s when cars were being used.

Imagine putting this much work into trimming out a garage.

Beautiful colours and interesting patina, but sadly not the best way to care for a lovely historic home.

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  1. I know Waterloo and the beauty of some of the older houses there.

    We live in Stratford and if you have never toured there, you should...amazing older architecture! Diane

  2. Hi house before I lived on Sutton Place had that green carpet on the steps. It was one of the first things to go after we moved in. I cannot imagine putting it on the steps of a historic home! Don't you wish you could win the lottery and buy that house? Bringing it back to life would be so incredible and satisfying. You could have your own show...Grace's House! Sounds like you had a nice day...I'm glad. ~Ann

  3. Hands down that's the best garage I've ever seen. Love the color of it and all the woodwork around it. Why can't they do that to houses now? Is that the house number sign above the door with the dental moulding ? I would love to steal that!

  4. what a treasure of an old home :)

  5. That house need some TLC. Love the chippy patina, but not really what you want on your home.

  6. Wow, would I love to get my hands on some of that old trim! I wouldn't want the chippy paint ON my home either but maybe in it! Love the door color!

  7. What a lovely old house! Hopefully someone will come along and give it the attention it deserves!

  8. I so want to scrape and paint! What a cool house with tons of potential!

  9. Absolutely love it! Looks like it could be haunted?!?!!!

  10. Adore the windows. I love the look however as Kim said not something you really want on your home all the chippy stuff. Looks super neat though.

  11. For sure the best photo of the week this week. That door and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. And you are right, imagine without that ugly storm door. The dentil and other moldings are glorious. It also looks like the trim is actually not rotten, just layers of paint. I love that photo of all the paint layers. I do hope someone restores it soon...these old houses need to be saved. These photos are brilliant. Thank you so much for gettign them.

  12. Gorgeous place. Hopefully it gets some TLC soon though.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!