Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Blustery Day in Oakville

With a free afternoon yesterday it seemed like the perfect time to catch up with a girlfriend.  We went to Oakville, a quaint historic town on the shore of Lake Ontario, and drove around looking at the beautiful old houses and then went for a walk along the waterfront.

One of the houses had the most magnificent display of scillia.  While we were there taking pictures, several other cars also stopped to admire the flowers.

We walked around the historic Erchless Estate (c. 1858), which was the home of Colonel Chisholm who founded Oakville.  The house is now a musuem which I really need to visit when it is open as I've never been inside.  I love the position of prominence the house has on a hill overlooking the harbour and lake.  Can you imagine what a view you would get from the widow's walk up on top.

The gardens were just starting to spring to life and mostly had scillia, a few daffodils, and two brave tulips.


The air was cold and the wind was whipping the water up into a frenzy of splashing, crashing wave action.

The seagulls were enjoying the challenge of staying on the pier,

and I was enjoying the challenge of capturing pictures of waves mid-crash.

The colours were captivating with the gray skies and water, the red lighthouse, and yellow mooring posts on the pier.  

The colours have been altered in the picture above using Picnik, an on-line photo-editing programme, but I'm kind of liking the vintage look.  What about you - do you prefer the natural colours or the aged look?

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  1. Lovely gardens to visit. You did a great job capturing the waves. It brought back memories for me when I was in BC trying to capture waves in photos at China Beach.

  2. I like both pictures! Loved the first picture of waves crashing in front of lighthouse.

  3. Wow stunning photos, happy Easter, can't wait to see you soon!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, all of them!

    Kat :)

  5. What a lovely day. I wish I lived closer to the water...Happy Easter Sunday! ~Ann

  6. What great springtime pictures!

  7. I am admiring your gorgeous photos and laughing as I realize I stopped - in the rain - to take photos of the same flowers here in Milwaukee. Finally! A sign of spring!

  8. Great photos. I definitely would have been stopping to photograph (or at least appreciate) those gorgeous purple scillia (and now I will be googling those flowers to find out more about them). :)