Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Distinctly Charmed by Distinctly Tea

When we went to Waterloo on the weekend (which you can read about here and here), one of our other objectives was to visit my son's favourite tea store, Distinctly Tea.  There are only two locations of Distinctly Tea shops - in Stratford and in Waterloo - although I noticed a sign saying franchises were available so maybe more will be opening soon.  

What we love about this little shop is the variety of teas available,

the sweet displays (I loved the idea of filling clear tubes with shredded paper to add some colour - genius idea),

the tea accessories like tea pots, mugs, strainers, and more,

and the personal attention.  My son told me that several years ago he left a binder at the store and the cashier thought it was his so saved it for him - for six months - until he came back to the store.  Isn't that amazing!

One of the highlights for me was seeing tea from the Glenburn estate in Darjeeling, India that I will be visiting this summer (you can read about it here).  I love that it not only says Glenburn, but also monsoon, as that is the season when we will be there.

Look - an entire shelf filled with Glenburn Estate tea.

I bought some to try, naturally, along with some Canadian tea blends and Ontario honey to take to France for our friends that we will be staying with.  The Glenburn tea I bought for our French friends should have frequent flier points, having flown from India to Toronto and then to France.

Please note I am not benefiting from writing about Distinctly Tea in any way.  It is just a sweet little shop that you may want to visit if you are ever in Waterloo or Stratford, Ontario and happens to carry tea from the estate I will be going to in India - which is pretty darn exciting!


  1. That is it . . . I am getting up to make a cup of tea right now.

    This shop is amazing.


  2. That looks wonderful! Lots to look at and I imagine it smelled lovely too.

  3. That is the cutest shop. I love tea, and I would go wild in there. I can't get over how adorable the display in the center of the store is! Thanks for sharing this with us, Grace :D

  4. What a darling little shop! Their displays are really fun.

    Frequent flier miles....hehehe!

  5. What a wonderful little shop. My hubby just loves tea! :-)

  6. I love the display on the table!! So clever!