Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Various Things

This is how things are right now:

1)  I'm a famous photographer.  Okay so I'm kidding, but I was pretty happy to see three photos taken by me, were used by Gwen McAuley in her post on the Canadian House and Home website about the Toronto Blogger's Meet-up.  It was so exciting to see my name - well my blog's name - associated with one of my favourite magazines.

2) I'm enjoying candles at dinner every evening thanks to the early sunset at this time of year.

3)  I have a cast-iron frying pan on the floor of my front hall.  I know I've got your curiosity piqued, haven't I?  Let me explain -

A few days ago I was walking Juno and I saw a cast-iron frying pan on someone's front lawn.  It was quite close to the sidewalk and just sitting there.  I continued on my way, but couldn't stop thinking about the frying pan.  About an hour later I had to go out so I decided to drive by the house and see if the frying pan was still there.  Well it was and the owner's car was now in the driveway.  The only thing I can think of is that they had put the frying pan into the recycling the day before and it had been tossed out by the garbage collectors.  

The truly remarkable part of the story is that a friend of mine, who finds herself with very limited funds right now, had just been telling me what she was going to ask her kids to get her for Christmas.  She was trying to be both frugal and practical so she only had a cast-iron frying pan and a second tablecloth for their dining room table on her list.  Can you believe that I found one of her presents as a curbside freebie.   The frying pan is in great shape and just needs a good cleaning.  For some unusual reason it came complete with three pennies in it.    

Isn't that the most remarkable story - an early Christmas blessing!


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  1. Love it! What a lucky find! That's quite a story! That is truly the Christmas spirit at work!
    Congrats at being mentioned on Canadian House & Home website. I am so excited for you! I just finished posting about your trip to Bangladesh. I hope you like it! Have a wonderful night and think of your poor friend shivering with cold in Edmonton! LOL! Angie

  2. What a sweet story. It was meant for you to find.

  3. Congrats on your pics and congrats finding that pan. Cast iron only gets better with age so that one will be so much better than a brand new one (after it's clean :)

  4. Ooooh, that's exciting!

    I kind of wish I would've gone. Although it does look a bit too fancy for me. :)

  5. What a lovely thrill for you seeing your photos and how amazing is the story of your fabulous "find". The three coins surely must be a symbol of Good Luck.... I don't think I could part with something so special. ;)Sharyne

  6. What a great find! I'm rather jealous that I didn't find it - although I might not have thought to give it to a friend so perhaps that's why it was meant for you! That's so kind of you to pass it on. Really thoughtful.

    Who would throw such a gorgeous thing away, that's what I want to know?

    And now I'm off to look around your gorgeous blog a bit more!


  7. 'They' (you know, the infamous THEY) say that every time you find a penny it means someone in heaven is thinking of you.
    I think Grace, you had three people telling you to pick up that neglected pan!
    After you clean it, don' forget to re-season it to make it non-stick!

  8. I think those are lucky pennies, for sure!

    I love your little creamer...syrup pitcher?! Whatever it is in the photo of your table.. LOVE IT! Where did you find it? Is that a shed I see on your table too? We have them all over this house, okay, in the basement, cause we hunt lots....anyway, I'm noticing a lot of folks using them for decoration, eh? Interesting...

  9. I agree, lucky pennies for sure. I think God had a hand in you finding the perfect gift for your friend. It looks like a really good one too. How cool that my friend is a famous photographer and I get to hang some of her photos in my home soon ;)

  10. I love stories like that!!!!!!!!!!
    God is amazing is all i can say.

  11. How cool! Your pictures are pretty great, so I'm not surprised.

    And how great is it that you found that pan? Sometimes all you have to do is look, and there it is. Just want you need.

  12. Did it ever occur to you to ask the homeowner if you could have the skillet? Instead, you assumed you could take it from their property . . . Wow! Glad you don't live near me.