Friday, November 12, 2010

Last Year's Christmas Mantel

Last Christmas was just before I started blogging, so I didn't take too many photos of our mantel but here is the basic look:

We hung the stockings that I made for each of us, put out our spindle Santas, along with the little wooden Santa, some pine cones and a few Christmas balls.  I've been planning on telling you about the spindle Santas and the stockings in a separate post, especially since I need to make a new stocking for my son's fiance, Christie, who will be joining us for Christmas this year.

I did manage to get a slightly closer photo of the sweet little wooden Santa (in the photo below) that my friend Kim gave him to on my 50th birthday.  She said that I had given her some of her favourite Christmas decorations, while she had never given me any and she wanted to change that.  Along with the wooden Santa, she also gave me one of my favourite Christmas CDs and a lovely nativity book all done in silhouette - they are now some of my most treasured Christmas items. 

When I looked in my photo folder marked Christmas 2009 there was also this next photo of the mantel taken after I had taken the Christmas decorations down.

The funny thing is I didn't change one single thing on the mantel. all. year. long!   Seems to me I need to make a change-up-my-mantel New Year's resolution.

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  1. Now that is a classically pretty mantel! Why oh why did our builder not include one, or at least make the wall big enough for one :( I love your stockings, and the spindle Santas are very unique. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can't wait to hear about the Spindle Santas. I love family history and traditions. I think that the mantel that stayed all year long is a pretty classy and sophisticated look! Sometimes you don't mess with a good thing! lol! Angie xo

  3. Love to hear more about the spindle Santas. Lovely mantle.

  4. Beautiful mantle...your stockings are so charming and the spindle Santas are cute addition too :o)

  5. Your Santas are so cute, I can't wait to hear all about them. I think that your year long mantle looks very nice :)

  6. So pretty Grace. I found your blog through a link on another favourite blogger's site. I'm a felow Canadian who loves the simple beauty of a good life.

    So nice to meet you :-)

    I will be back.

  7. Very pretty mantel Grace, but I'd love to know more about these spindle Santas, are they traditional in your part of the world or more f a family speciality? Look forward to your post about them.
    My French Country Home

  8. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the spindle santas. So is my hubby,the Keithster. He thinksthey look great. Is your mantle marble?

  9. Looks fantastic-I'd love to hear about your spindle santas!

  10. I love the last picture~so simple and beautiful.

  11. Grace I love that you made all of the stocking. I have hopes of making ones for us this year, with my girls help. Thank you for the little push to do that. Your mantle is beautiful as well as your love for family and friends that shines through so clearly. Thank you so much for linking up, can't wait to see this years mantle.

    Cha Cha