Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards, and I wish that I could say that I send out beautifully hand-crafted ones every year, but you know how it is.  Now I know that many of you do make your own cards and boy have I seen some creative ones.  Some of my all-time favourites are by Linda at Restyled Home, which you can see here and here and the amazing Christmas card/tea towels from Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone here.  I'd love to be on their Christmas lists! 

Now I have made cards myself, usually photo cards, so when I recently read about an offer from Shutterfly that bloggers could get 50 free Christmas cards if they do a post about them, I was all ears.  If you are interested in doing a post yourself you can find details here.  

I had a look around their website and realized that it will be quite a job to show you their Christmas cards as there are so many to choose from.  Since my kiddos are older, I would likely select a photograph of a nature scene, something like this one taken at our cottage:

My only requirement is that the card actually say "Merry Christmas" - what's up with "Happy Holidays" anyway?

Now if I were to select a photo of my family, it would look something like this (aren't we adorable - and much younger than last time I looked in the mirror - oh, and we seem to be missing a child):

There are 748 Christmas card styles to choose from on Shutterfly, which for me translated into 748 new families to choose from.  That's a lot of people to get to know.  Do you want to see some other members of my new family - isn't our baby adorable?

What about this sweet little girl - (those eyes - and those pudgy cheeks - I want her!)

You can see all the other members of my very, very, very extensive families here at Shutterfly.  In fact, I think we are so good looking we should all be models.

There are also Christmas invitations that you can see here on the Shutterfly website.  I"ll show you our party invitation, but with all 748 family members coming it is a sold-out affair.

While I was poking around the Shutterfly website I noticed they also had photo calendars (here), which is really a great idea since I now appear to have a very large family to keep track of.

I could go on and on about my new family, but that is probably enough.  I'm glad I could introduce them to you - and let me show you a bit about Shutterfly!


  1. What a great way to save money around the holidays! I love it. I really enjoyed your creative way to blog about shutterfly! Cute and well-done. Enjoy your free cards . . . maybe I'll hop on board and save some money too!

  2. I'll have to take a look at that offer. I've ordered cards from there before and a calendar. Our calendar didn't have all the beautiful people but we did include our cute dogs. Fun post; it made chuckle which is a good way to start the morning.

  3. Loved your post....very cute! I'll have to check Shutterfly out!

  4. Yeah. Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings are for the birds. What's wrong with Merry Christmas?

    Thanks for the tip~I'll go check it out.

  5. Grace, your family is lovely/adorable and so much larger than I remember! ;-)

    I gave up doing Christmas cards years ago...almost 7 to be exact! But I do love to receive them, selfish me, and I'm sure your friends and family would love a card with one of your beautiful photographs on it!

    Kat :)

  6. We used to love Shutterfly and the thought of 50 free cards is cool. But, we've been using Send Out Cards for a year now and are actually MAKING money by sending cards through them and helping others send cards through them (and making money themselves).

    Send Out Cards is fully customizable and allows you to use as many pictures as you want, send out personalized cards in your own handwriting and with your own signature right from your computer and you can send gifts this way, too!

    I'm happy to give you and your readers a couple of free Send Out Cards to send out as an early holiday gift to you all.

    Just go to www.sendoutcards.com/gradea to send out a card or two on me.

    Happy Holidays!!!


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