Saturday, November 20, 2010

Anthropologie is Decorating with Dead Things Too!

I've done it so why shouldn't Anthropologie do it - decorate with dead things that is, well really more like old things in Anthropolgie's case.  Kate and I were at the Toronto Don Mills store a few weeks ago and I've been meaning to show you the photos.  Who doesn't love some good Anthro store decor.  

The store was decorated in a woodsy theme with items like leaves, stumps, and mushrooms, but all made out of unusual items.   I love seeing how creative they are.  I'm not sure what kind of budget they are given, but they certainly seem to make the most out of found objects.

Let's have a look:

The mushrooms along these shelves were just so darn cute.  I think they were made from paper mache with sticks as the trunks.  Whatever they used the mushrooms couldn't have been cuter.

And there was a mushroom identification chart attached to a wooden pallet with a few more mushrooms on top.  I wonder what kind they are - mushroomis anthropologius maybe?

There was a spray of over-sized leaves across the wall made from what looked like tea bags.  How ingenious, eh?

The stumps were made from layers of corrugated cardboard with painted tops.

Isn't this one the cutest, with the cut layers painted on the top of it and the moss tucked around its base.

I think the cluster of stumps was my favourite thing.  I wanted to take one of the stumps home ... but I restrained myself.

They attached the price card to dirty old paintbrushes in this display

and used them as a way to hold up their adorable aprons in this display.

Odd Shapes:
In the window display, they used cardboard circles folded and glued together to form this orange and rust coloured mass that arched up behind the clothing on display.

It wasn't the easiest to get photos of the window display because of the reflection, but you can see what an interesting backdrop these masses made.

They also used circles of metal and cut out pictures linked together to form this eye-catching light fixture.

I'm not sure what these shapes are supposed to be (butterflies maybe?), but they were made from tissue paper clothes patterns.

I always think the art department at Anthropologie does so much with so little to make fantastic wow-inspiring displays. 

These next three photos are just classic Anthro scenes so I couldn't leave them out -

1) rustic vintage furniture

 2) bright and beautiful home decor

 3) adorable mugs used to spell words

Thanks Anthropolgie for your amazing and inspiring store displays.  I always leave the store thinking I should go home and rustle around in the recycling bin and make something gorgeous for my home.


  1. I've never been inside an anthropologie store, thanks for the tour!...and you know, christmas trees are dead as soon as we chop them down, so.. we kill something and stick it in a bucket to let it die a slow death while we celebrate the holidays and watch it drop needles day by day, until it's completely dead. SO!.. decorating with dead things has been around a long

    Happy Holiday Season! -

  2. Their stores are so fabulous! Always unique and interesting... I could spend hours and hours there.