Tuesday, May 25, 2010

William's 16th Birthday

William - our youngest - is 16 years old today.

This photo is one of my favourites of William - taken in London, England when he was 8 years old. 

Here are 16 interesting tidbits about William:

1. He is a bear magnet!  Over the years he has found at least 3, and possibly 4, bears at different times (we've lost count).  His first time finding a bear was when he was about 6 years old and went to the outhouse at the cottage, but came back to report that there was something moving the bushes.  My father thought it was likely a squirrel and went with him to check it out.  They both came back to report it was, in fact, a bear.  Along with bears he has also found a snapping turtle.  I think that is quite enough dangerous animals for one young man to find!
2.  William loves going to the cottages.  It is his favourite place to hang out, to live, to be!
3.  William is nature boy, which is why he loves going to the cottages.  He reads books on how to survive in the wilds - what to eat, how to make a shelter, what to do if you are injured etc.  He started reading nature books at a young age and even learned many latin names of birds when he was about 10 years old.   He also has big plans to live in the woods for a week this summer, taking only his jack-knife with him.  I'm fine with this plan as long as he is home by 9 every night!
4.  Many weekends, William will go out for a walk.  He will be gone for hours and when he comes home we go on Google Earth to look at where he has walked.  It is often up to 15 kms.  He knows our city really well now.
5.   William seeks truth in all thing spiritual - he is a reader and a thinker.
6.   William likes to expand his knowledge of almost everything.   When he was in kindergarten he figured out how to tie his shoes by himself, when he was in Grade 2 he figured out how to multiply numbers, and recently he has been watching physics videos.  You just never know what William is learning about.
7.   William has big plans for world unification to bring about peace.  He has elaborate ideas worked out with roles for everyone in the family.  I've been assigned to be Minister of blogging, since I'm already well on my way to world unification with this little blog of mine!
8.  He loves to hang out with Malcolm and Kate, his brother and sister - I love to see them having fun together.
9.  William is a computer whiz.  He started using the computer when he was about 2 years old.  He was playing city-building games long before he could read, but he knew where all the things were on the screen so he could build his ancient cities. 
10.  He likes classical music, and even prefers it to rock.
11.  He keeps a zen bedroom with plants on his window sill.  About a year ago he decluttered his bedroom into the storage room (thanks William) and now only has a bed, a desk, and some cushions on the floor beside his bookshelf.  He keeps it neat and clean and orderly - where did we get this child from?
12.   Willam likes to try new foods, the more exotic the better.  He will eat almost anything and especially loves hot food.
13.   He loves to cook and has even managed to convince Kate to cook omelettes with him (good job, William).
14.  As a child, William was the best cuddler, and he still likes the occasional hug.
15.  He has a great sense of humour and loves to joke around and reminisce about funny things that have happened.
16. William is patient and kind; calmly and quietly he goes about getting his work done.
17.  And last but not least - he has the cutest dimples ever! 
Here is a photo taken this past weekend of William, doing what William likes best - having fun in the out-of-doors.

Happy Birthday William!


  1. Happy Birthday William! I was going to tell you how lucky you were to have your Mom, but from the sounds of things you're BOTH pretty lucky. My Allie turned 16 two months ago- have a wonderful, fun-filled day!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Indeed, Happy Birthday William. And from the look of that last photograph you have a beautiful part of the world to enjoy your birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday to William. I hope that he has a lovely day! He sounds like a very special young man and a son that any mother would be proud of. xx

  4. I think William will end up with his own tv show one day! Please wish him a happy birthday from Australia's capital :) And many, many more...stay away from bears!

  5. Happy Birthday William! He has many wonderful traits and sounds like someone who could bring about world unification, with the help of your blog of course! And remind me never to go into the woods with him if he attracts bears!!

    I hope he has a wonderful day!

    Kat :)

  6. Happy Birthday William!!

    What a wonderful young man and i can't believe how much he is like my Sam so much the same!
    You have to come over for a visit Grace and check out Sam's Tree Fort...i think William would approve!

  7. Happy Birthday William! He sounds like a special young man. My baby turned 16 this year as well....can you believe how time flies?

  8. I looked at the first picture with your title of 16th birthday. I gasped!!! lol Then my menopausal brain kicked in.

  9. Happy Birthday William, and well done mum, for raising an original! He is a lovely young man.