Monday, May 31, 2010

The Christie Antique Show

This past Saturday was the long anticipated Christie Antique Show - one of the biggest in Canada with over 300 vendors.  The day was a little hot but much better than earlier in the week.

It was my first time going to a big antique show and I have to say I was a little disappointed as I thought the prices were on the high side.  I think I must be more of a thrift store kind of girl as those prices seem to suit me better.   I still had fun though and spent a couple of hours taking in all the antiques.

There were tons of Canadiana things, including skis, tobaggans, and snow shoes which seemed funny since it is almost summer.

 This huge clock and the pretty signs were favourites of mine.

 I loved this booth with all the red and white kitchen things.

I only purchased three things - something for a giveaway (more about that later), an over-priced greeny-blue mason jar without the lid, and a wooden box (you can see it below in the lower left-hand corner).

 And here it is at home on our front porch.  

I heard the seller saying he made the lid and some repairs using boards that he had around and he stained it and varnished it, so I knew it wasn't a valuable antique.  Which was fine by me because I wanted it to solve a problem we have on our front porch.

We do not have an inside door to the garage and must go all the way around and open the big garage doors to put garbage into the garbage cans.  Sooo what often happens is that we toss a tied up bag of garbage onto the front porch if we don't have our shoes on, or it is raining, or ... you get the idea.  There is often a bag of garbage on our front porch waiting for the next person to go out to the garage, so I got this box to -um, cough, cough - hide the garbage in.

 Are you as appalled as the rest of my family was when I told them what I was planning on using this pretty box for?  Sorry about that, but at least our front porch will look tidy now.

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  1. Looks like a fabulous antique show!! The box is gorgeous as is your front porch!!

  2. Glad you had fun! And it sounds like the *perfect* way to deal w/an ugly bag of garbage! Very nicely done!

  3. That's a great idea, and a lovely box adds to your decor.

    That show looks like it was great fun to stroll through.


  4. Grace:)

    I am glad that you enjoyed the day, I missed seeing the red and white tent and I know I would of loved that!
    You obviously missed our booth, we had amazing antiques and even better prices... Come find us in the fall.
    Booth U12

  5. i was there too!
    it isn't somewhere you go to find a ton of bargains although there are some to be had if you look hard enough and wait until the end of the day.
    your porch looks so pretty!

  6. What a great show and I would surely have liked it with all the red and white kitchen stuff. They would match my kitchen perfectly. Great use for the box and your flowers are so pretty!

  7. Well I'm just drooling over some of those pictures (the clock! the red and white!) Antique shows can be expensive but you might find that one special piece and then you supplement with thrift store/yard sale finds. The box is great and looks perfect on the front porch. That fact that it has a purpose (unique purpose) makes it even better!

  8. Hi Grace
    Wasn't it amazing? I was only able to go for an hour but I was so impressed! I loved that clock too, that was a great booth. I can't wait for the September one! I have the exact same problem with the garbage at the back of our house and I love your solution, it looks great there!

  9. I wish we had a show nearby. That one certainly looked like it had some great stuff! I love the box you got. But sadly our huge bag of trash would not fit in there!

  10. I have always wanted to go to Christies! Did you see Tommy or Sarah? Love that big clock!!
    The wood box looks perfect on your porch! Great idea.

  11. The box is great! I had one on the front porch for deliveries, boy my postman would have been surprised to open the box and find garbage!


  12. I believe in using things, unless they are priceless, so I would do the same as you. And I like nice things. Love that box.

  13. Perfect ... pretty and utilitarian too.

  14. I think that's a brilliant idea!

    And the porch looks gorgeous, btw.

  15. Man, I nearly died when I saw all that fab red and white kitchen stuff!! You should link that to rednesday Wednesdays!!