Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Photo - The Old Cottage Boat

Life has been hectic this week for me, so I thought a nice peaceful photo from the cottage would be in order. 

In a quiet cove, on our island on Georgian Bay, you can find two old wooden boats that were used by my parents and grandparents many years ago.  I always think they look very picturesque lying on the moss under the trees.

This last photo, taken by my daughter, is a close-up of one of the boats.  I had never noticed,  before she pointed it out to me, that the copper nails are shiny from the ice and snow polishing them - or I assume that's what makes them still shiny after all these years.

Have a good weekend.  I'm working on the old wooden bench - photos coming soon.

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  1. They do make for lovely photos. That close up shows it would make a lovely coffee table or bench too if you ever decided to salvage it :)

  2. Ahhh yes they do look very picturesque. It must bring a smile to your face everytime you see them.

  3. I love this photo, Grace. The old boats must bring back great memories for your parents. I looked up why copper nails are used in boats: because they don't rust. Copper turns green, though, through contact with the air (oxidation). So I guess you're right, ice and snow must scrub the green away. Our science lesson for the day!

  4. Love this kind of thing. Just finding it is fun. Interesting about the copper nails.

  5. Lovely photos as usual Grace...but do you think come spring there will be you know whats hiding under that boat? I know i make my husband move the garden pots for me because something always slizers out at me!!ha!

    Happy Weekend
    Pamela :) xo

  6. Really fascinating pictures. I love your daughters close up. So pretty. Those nails look brilliant. I should google it to find out why they are shiny, but I am too lazy! : )

  7. They do look very picturesque. I've been in this groove lately, liking pictures of old things. Old things make great pictures. =)