Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding Ideas - Aqua-Blue Mason Jars

I have a thing for blue mason jars.  I'm dying to go to the antique shows this summer and start looking for them.  Did you know, that they made mason jars using blue glass, instead of clear, to block some of the light which helped retain the flavour and nutritional value of the food.   And here I thought it was just because the blue was so darn purty.

I was thinking they would be a lovely centrepiece on the tables for my son's wedding next May.  There are even instructions at Apartment Therapy telling you how to make your own blue mason jars using glass paint. 

I Googled and found a few more lovely images.  I love the pale turquoise with the red/orange/gold flowers shown above, but it also looks lovely with pink flowers,

Photo from Pretty Chicky

and with yellow flowers,

 Photo from Apartment Therapy

and with purple flowers,

and white flowers, 
Photo from Engageology

and they are also lovely with candles inside them (although I have also heard the jars can explode - yikes!!!)
Photo from Marth Stewart
 Aren't they all so pretty! 


  1. Um, what exactly is hanging from that light?! I love the blue glass jars, very pretty idea..Rxx

  2. I don't think we have blue jars like that here...I'm presuming they're for preserves? I really love the yellow roses with the blue.

  3. Okay, I have to say I never noticed what that was hanging from the light - I was completely transfixed by the blue jars on the table. What do you think it is? It kind of looks like they are drying some fish. How odd!

  4. Too funny! It DOES look like dried fish! I think it's actually stone? Anyway, I LOVE those jars!! Great! I really needed a new obsession!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. I absolutely LOVE the blue jars!!! Blue is my favorite color.....they are great and would look great with any color, which you have proven!

  6. I've used mason jars with candles to line the sidewalk and stairs for winter dinner parties in New Brunswick and Owen Sound winters and not once had one crack. Good luck with the centerpieces.

  7. Love the blue jars but have never seen them. I'll be on the lookout now. Mary, what a great idea for garden lights. Just put a little sand in the bottom and a tea light on it.

  8. They are so beautiful! I have a couple of them that belonged to my MIL and I love putting flowers from the garden in them. They would look great for your sons wedding!

  9. Pretty... The first image tablescape is striking with the colour combo not loving the light though. It doesnt seen to fit.


  10. What a great idea! I have alot of these jars I just love them. I really like the idea of using Lilacs in them for the wedding.

  11. I love these and think they would be perfect for your son's wedding!

    Kat :)