Thursday, May 27, 2010

Front Porch Planters

A few days ago hubby and I planted the flower pots that go on the front porch. 

My mother made this gorgeous wicker chair about 10 years ago.   She had no room for it at her house, so I helped her out and put it on my porch.  What a wonderful daughter I am.

  I even put a pot on my new blue bench.
The watering can beside the blue bench was brought back from Nigeria, where I lived as a child. It was made to water like fine spring rain ... and it does.

Now we have to water and wait and watch while the plants fill in and grow - my favourite part!

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  1. Looking beautiful Grace, they look good next to the bench..Rachaelxx

  2. Your mum made that chair?! Wow that is impressive! Your flowers look very pretty on the doorstep. I'm waiting for pansies to flower which is about the extent of the colour I'll get going into winter (apart from the beautiful autumn leaves of course but they're almost gone).

  3. I can't believe your mother made that willow chair. I have always loved willow furniture. You should find a soft outdoor pillow to throw in it. Of course that watering can is awesome. I have a few of those but not from Nigeria. Your flowers look beautiful. Looks like that bench found a perfect home.

  4. Your plants are so pretty Grace! I love spring and sunshine and flowers!! Your mum is so clever to have made that chair! That is impressive, I can imagine it wouldn't be easy, the closest thing I have made is a cane basket at school! It didn't turn out that great! xx

  5. Grace, you truly are a wonderful, caring daughter to help your mom that way! now can she adopt me?? :) LOL
    Gorgeous chair and love the porch!
    xoxo pattie

  6. It looks good Grace! You mom did an excellent job on the willow chair I always wanted one of those!
    I'm jealous of the hot weather your having back there in Ontario!
    You haven't been over to visit in awhile come check out Sam's tree fort!

  7. Grace, your porch look so inviting. I had a willow chair like that years ago. It didn't survive all the moves but I always liked them. I can't believe you mom made it. Lucky you! Your bench turned out so good. Love the blue and the stain you used on it!

  8. I have always had a yearning for one of those chairs that I always referred to as "twig chairs." Still don't have one, and a yard and deck full of chairs already. But if I found one at the right price, I'd sure find the room for it!

  9. I almost skated right past that - your mother MADE the chair?!
    Would she like to live with me?

  10. Aren't you the wonderful daughter! I wish I could help someone as much as you have! Look at all the pretty flowers.

  11. Gorgeous chair, even better that your Mom made it. Your porch looks lovely and the blooms are so colourful! I saw a peek of the bench in the first photo (even though I was dazzled by the chair) and was so glad you included a full shot of it. Looks great!
    Much needed rain tonight after the heat this week.

  12. Hi Grace, I found your blog, while tooling around through my cousin's blog (French Buttons). Very enjoyable! I almost swooned as I imagined the peacefulness of your screened in cottage porch...
    Oh well, it was a nice little mental vacation anyway.


  13. Love!!! So beautiful, what a wonderful feeling to have your planters done (and wow, the chair!!)


  14. Love this project! I've featured this post on my blog - feel free to stop by and grab an "I've been featured button" from our right side bar.


    Have a beachy day...
    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea