Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Photos - Old Faithful Inn

I might as well continue with the Yellowstone National Park theme that I have going (here and here) and show you something a bit architecture related - Old Faithful Inn.  We didn't stay there, but I went in the lobby and took some photos.

Isn't it the most remarkable structure?  The inn is like a log cabin on steroids.  The entire structure is wood, with the centre of the lobby extended up 4 floors with a huge stone fireplace going all the way up and the balcony railings having strange twisted branches.

The outside of the hotel is also decorated with the strange knobby, twisted wood pieces.

From a distance the Inn is also quite remarkable, with a huge sloping roof and many gabled windows.

Did you know that the Old Faithful Inn first opened in 1904.  It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987 and is thought to be the largest log building in the world.  

And of course, there's Old Faithful herself - the reason for the Inn's existence - quite remarkable in its own right!


  1. What a cool place. I've never been but thanks for taking me on this trip with you! I've been able to see some amazing places! :-) I just realized I wasn't following you?! I always try to come over and see what's going on, but I just checked my reader and realized you weren't in there?! I am "officially" following now . . . although I have been reading for a long time now.

  2. You won't believe what I spotted in my garden this morning....FORGET-ME-NOTS!! In the tangled mess of weeds and over grown bushes they have popped through and I thought of you!

  3. Stephanie - I'm glad you enjoy the virtual trips we have taken (I'm sure there will be more- haha). thanks for becoming a follower - I appreciate it.

    Pamela - see I knew you were living in my dream house. It even has my favourite flowers in the garden. Lucky you.

  4. Wow! It's gorgeous. Reminds me of the hotel on The Highway to the Sun. They built some beautiful hotels back in those days.

  5. Wow, gorgeous, thanks for showing us through your eyes!
    Take care

  6. That is absolutely remarkable! Thank you for posting about it. I love it..Rxx

  7. Hi Grace
    I just passed an award to you ! Check out my blog!!

  8. OMG that is so cool! We just need to add some Steampunk furniture in there :)