Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Top 5 Things I Love about Winter Decorating

1. Cozy throws and blankets. A definite must on a cold winter's night.

2. Birch. Nothing says winter like birch twigs, logs, branches, and even candles.

3. Roaring fires. Warmth and light!  Who could ask for anything more.

4. Eating by candle light.

5. Snow outside the window and frost on the window.  Nature's decorating at its best.

What about you?  What warms your heart in the winter?

Photo Source:  http://www.houseandhome.com/, http://www.marthastewart.com/


    1. I love this post! Although I am pretty sick of winter, you have made me warm up a little (sorry, I don't normally use puns) to winter with this list and the photos. I too tend to really love the more natural decorations at this time of the year when all of nature seems to have left us. I think the natural beauty that humans don't create are some of the best items to use in decorating and make my heart skip a beat unlike some other accessories, at least at this time of the year.

    2. Oh, I agree! I love my cozy robe, blankets, hot tea, and cozy socks, knitted by my Grandma :)

    3. I'm glad this post got you warming up to winter Sarah #1, and Sarah #2, aren't you lucky to have hand-knit socks, and by your Grandma no less.