Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Kitchen Party

I work in an office with 5 other Speech-Language Pathologists and man can we talk we occasionally look up from our work and exchange a few words.  One of our favourite topics is discussing decorating projects.

One of my co-workers, who lives in an older home, was having her kitchen totally re-done.  Needless to say we all helped with the paint, tile and counter selection.  It has taken many months and the kitchen is now complete so we all gathered for, what else, but a kitchen party, which involved admiring the kitchen, chatting in the kitchen, and eating in the kitchen.

She gave me permission to snap a few pictures to show you.  Unfortunately it was nighttime so the lighting is not the best, but you can still see how fantastic her kitchen is.  We all loved, loved, loved it.  It looks so warm, fresh and inviting.  She did an amazing job.  I guess all those months eating take-out food and using a cooler were worth it.
Isn't that backsplash to die for.  Here's a closer shot.
And even closer.
The darker tiles are actually copper and they have a gorgeous golden hue to them, that just isn't showing up in the photos.

And one more of the other side.

I wasn't able to get one of the fridge, sink area as there were too many people and too. much. food!!!
She is still going to have a valance or roman blinds made for her windows and I did suggest that she get some under-counter lighting, because I'm nice like that, always making suggestions.

Next on her reno list is her bathroom.  The bathroom party should be fun!


  1. Wow Grace, you all clearly gave her great advice! Her kitchen looks amazing! I love when people mix in metal tiles, it's just so striking!

    Kat :)

  2. Thanks Kat. I will let her know that you liked it. She will be really pleased.