Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Photo - Coast Mountains

These two photos were taken last summer when I flew south, from Smithers to Vancouver, British Columbia, in a little baby planelette.  The weather was clear and the view of the Coast Mountains was amazing.  I posted these photos because some of the Olympic events are being held on Whistler,  a mountain that is in the Coast Mountain Range.

p.s. Our new winner of the giveaway is Abby.  Congrats! The goodies will be on their way just as soon as I get a mailing address.


  1. Aren't they beautiful! I flew from Alberta to Montana in a planelette...and the weather was rough! Quite the ride.

  2. Just breathtaking grace!
    Your pretty brace to fly in a planelett I don't think I'd be up for that. We drove through the rockies on are way here and I found that very amazing as well.
    You take fantastic photos for your blog!

  3. I mean't to write brave oops...should have my glasses on!

  4. Beautiful mountains! Not sure I have the nerve to fly in a "planelette"! I am a white knuckle flier.