Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Exercise Plan

This folks is my exercise plan:

She needs walking twice a day so hubby and I take turns - he does the morning walk and I do the after-school one.  It usually amounts to about 1 kilometre every day - and that is about the extent of my exercise plan.

Did you know that Google Earth can take your exercise plan (well if it's anything like mine, anyway) to a whole new level.  William, who is quite the computer whiz, recently showed me a feature on Google Earth that has helped make me measure how far I walk.

Here's how it works.  You open Google Earth and zoom in to your neighbourhood.  I have kindly plotted out a route for Michelle Obama to walk her dog, Bo, around the White House. 

You go to tools (along the top left side of the page), then to ruler (in the drop down list), then to path, and then you click along your route.  You can adjust your measuring system from miles to kilometres, to nautical miles, or even smoots (who wouldn't want to know how far you walk in smoots).  

I now have several routes charted around our neighbourhood, of varying lengths, so I can do different walks depending on how long I have.

How about you, what's your exercise routine?  Anyone else like to walk the neighbourhood?  

p.s.  Just want to remind everyone to join in my first giveaway in honour of the Olympics.


  1. Very cool, I will have to check that out on Google Earth! Thanks for letting me know about it!

    Kat :)

  2. Hi Grace
    That is pretty cool - my routine takes place at the gym - I'll get rid of these last ten baby fat pounds if it kills me. Those damn cupcakes didn't help either.

  3. First off, your pup is adorable! Super cute...

    I love Google Earth for this. I just took a virtual trip back to Paris from the comfort of my also helped me plan my upcoming trip to Santa Monica. I didn't know about the exercise route capabilities, though - genius! I used to walk my pup, but have stopped due to some "special" neighbours that have moved in. ie. young men. Wishing the neighbourhood was what it once was...enjoy a brisk walk :)