Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Photo - Prairie Road

The 2010 Olympic games prompted me to select today's photo.  Canadians are not known for patriotism and flag-waving, but the opening ceremony to the Olympic games was a proud moment for us. One of the segments I especially loved was the boy that danced and whirled in the air and every time he touched down, more of the prairie showed up.  That reminded me of this photo that I took in August 2007, when I spent 6-weeks driving from Toronto to Banff in the Rocky Mountains and back again ( a distance of 3500 miles or 5600 kms). 

I remember driving along this road in central Saskatchewan for at least ten minutes and noticing that there were no other cars and absolutely no change in the direction of the road or view of the prairie.  It amazed me that any place could be so absolutely flat and any road could be so unerringly straight.  It was the prairie photo I had been looking for.

p.s. Just a reminder to join my giveaway in honour of the Olympics.


  1. Oh I loved the 'prairie boy' too! Did you see, did you see, we won the gold in the Ladies Halfpipe! ...go Torah! I'm baracking for Canada wherever there isn't an Aussie! A-M xx

  2. Thanks for posting this picture. We drove across Cananda this December to come to Vancouver Island. I loved the prairies! Alot of people say how boring it is to drive through but I found it peaceful after all the hills in Northern Ontario. I loved all the cattle ranches. My only complaint was how cold it was. But the people were so friendly, so Canadian!

  3. That just sreams "ahhhhhhh" to me. And really lends to a thought of possibility! Great pic

  4. What a beautiful photo Grace, and that must have been such a memorable trip!

    Kat :)

  5. That truly is an awesome photo! It is fun to see the olympic, canadian patriotic spirit in this town right now!

  6. What a wonderful photo! I, too, am so happy to see the patriotic crowds and support of fellow Canadians. It's heartwarming in a way that I didn't expect...

  7. I loved it that you had a section dedicated to Saskatchewan and had to click on it to check it out!

    LOVE this photo. Speaks to my heart! Love the big sky.

    And MERCY, you DROVE that trip? Egads! When I was 17 I drove with a girlfriend to Manitoba and I still think we had flipped our lid...let alone all the way out to Ontario.

    Too bad you aren't doing that drive now, and you could do a big ol detour in Alberta and come visit me! :)