Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Love Transferware

This has been a good couple of weeks for me at the thrift store. Don't you find it goes like that - either hot or cold with what you find. Well I have definitely been running hot, as last week I found some green transferware dishes and this week I found some blue ones.  

Although I didn't set out to collect transferware dishes, it appears that I have an official collection!  

I can never decide which colour I like the best.  They each have their virtues.

Let's see, there are blue-and-white dishes - always have loved blue-and-white.  

I bought the Blue Willow plates at a promotion our local grocery store was having a few years ago. The plates were one dollar each.  Good deal, eh?  Since they were so inexpensive I bought twelve of them so we can have a matching table setting when there are lots of family and friends over.   

The blue-and-white dishes look so pretty on a table set with yellows or neutrals.  Spring flowers look beautiful with them as do wintery whites.

My latest crush is for the new green ones - one green serving bowl, four bowls, and four side plates.  I love the scalloped pattern on the plates and the pretty border on the serving bowl

The four red dinner plates (which actually look pink with all the white on the plates) are used frequently because they match so many different tablecloths, flowers, and occasions.

My one brown dinner plate is special because ... well there is only one.  And it has an awesome castle on it.  It looks great on a fall table with other earthy colours.

The one black serving dish and one black bowl are extra special because I love not only simplicity of the black and white, but also the pretty floral design. I found these two on separate thrift store trips and would buy more if I could find them.  

Happiness is snagging the black transferware bowl for my breakfast cereal - I figure it is a good way to start the day.

But do you know how I like my transferware dishes the best?  With something delicious on them!

My unexpected collection of transferware dishes is a collection I can get into - lots of variety of colour and pattern and something we use on a daily basis.  Have you ever found yourself with a collection of something that you hadn't really planned to collect? 
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  1. Gosh, Gracie, I would have a really hard time picking a favorite, also. It would be like choosing a favorite child. Impossible!

    That said, however, the blue willow pattern is soooo classic and always makes me smile. Blue is such a soothing color.

    Great post!

  2. Of course I love the blue...but I agree the green is lovely. Fresh and pretty for summer. I see you found some Liberty Blue. That's what my full set is. I have had it for years and don't think I will ever tire of it. Happy Sunday Grace!

  3. Oh my goodness do I love the patterns on dishes like these. The reds are my favorite but Hubby hates them so I have yet to ever get any *sigh* Its nice to love them from afar, thank you for the photos, they are lovely. ♥