Monday, May 6, 2013

Taken by Trilliums

You know it's spring in Ontario when ...

you see lots of spring flowers in the forest.  Not only were there loads of trilliums - especially white ones and also a few red ones -

but also dog-tooth violets,

marsh marigold,

hepatica (which amazingly enough were in full bloom last weekend and were almost over this weekend),

and wild ginger.

This wasn't just a hike to find spring flowers, but it was also a sketching trip (this one is William's).

Oh and speaking of spring flowers, you should see how the mantel collection has grown (you can see how the mantel started off here).

Have you been out enjoying the spring flowers - in your garden?  Or in the forest? Really there is nothing better after a long cold winter!

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  1. Can you believe we've had frost and temps in the thirties and forties the past couple of weeks? We froze at a horse show this odd for this time of year! I haven't planted any annuals yet, and we put bags over our roses to protect them.

    I want to plant this week, though.

    The trilliums are so dainty and pretty. Lovely photos, Grace!


  2. Lovely trilliums!
    It's hot and sunny here and my trilliums are in full bloom.

  3. Yes I was outside over the weekend and it felt so good! Lots to do though...I try not to get overwhelmed. One thing at a time...have a good week Grace. Are you counting down to the end???

  4. Oh I love all those flowers. I miss seeing those in the forest. I actually have more growth than normal for this time of year. I am tempted to plant but still feel the need to be cautious. We have another gorgeous day here though!

  5. Your amassing quite a beautiful collection. When's your next art exhibit? I'll make the trip to Canada for that.

    Cheers, M-T

  6. Your photos are beautiful.