Sunday, May 12, 2013

To the Swamp and Back

Yes Sir, I made it into the depths of the forest, visited the swamp, and made it out alive.  William wanted to show me the swamp and this weekend seemed as good a time as any to go.  

The good part was that it was too cold for any bugs.  The bad part was that it snowed on and off for most of the two-hour hike.

The forest was pretty with the new leaves opening.

And the swamp was quiet and peaceful and beautiful.

William made me a bridge to cross the narrow part of the swamp.

It was a weekend for animal sightings.  We came within a few feet of hitting a deer on the way up to the cottage.  We saw a beaver swimming in the lake. William saw a moose on our walk, but I missed it - we tracked the footprints for awhile, but never saw it again.  And William saw a friendly weasel on another hike he took.

The pictures on the hike don't really show the snow we got, but you can see it in these photos - poor spring flowers!


Did you get snow over the weekend where you are? I hope you had a wonderful weekend no matter the weather.  
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  1. What an adventure!
    I'd be afraid to come face to face with a moose but I would love to see a beaver swimming in a lake or a pond.

    1. We definitely would have stayed well back from the moose (I'm with you on that one). We actually aren't too keen on the beaver though, as he chews down all our trees along the shore.

  2. Loved your photos! What a gorgeous place. We are finally in real spring mode and have had very warm weather. Lilacs are blooming and we have the AC running. Hard to believe. Have a great week! Kit

    1. Our lilacs are still in bud - can't wait. Lilacs are the best!

  3. Wow, just look at that snow! But would you believe that it was in the thirties here in Central Alabama this morning! That's *CraZy* We tied a record low set in 1960.

    What a fun weekend! I love nature posts, and you saw so many animals on your hike. I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day with your parents!

    The pansies will do okay in the snow. We plant pansies every winter here.


  4. What an adventure you two had! This almost, almost, makes me miss living in a log cabin in the woods. <3 No snow here in US, Virginia, just lots of chilly breezes and sunny springs days in my garden. Maybe next time you guys will catch that moose (on photo that is ;) )!

    1. Photos are definitely the way I want to catch the moose too!