Saturday, April 27, 2013

Watercolour Botanicals

Are watercolour botanicals made for springtime?  I'm beginning to think so. The soft colours and dainty flowers do my heart good. They remind me that nature is waking up and life is returning to the gardens and woodlands. 

We've been painting watercolour flowers in art class.  At the end of each class I add my new contributions to the mantel.  The collection is growing week-by-week which is fine by me as there is nothing better than a display in progress.

The weather has been lovely this weekend and it finally feels like spring here in Ontario.  Real flowers are actually appearing in gardens.  YAY for that!

Do you have a favourite way to bring some spring into your home?

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  1. Grace they are beautiful ... well done. I love them propped up on the mantle.

  2. Beautiful little watercolors, well displayed to enjoy!

  3. These are beautiful...what a talent you are in so many ways!


  4. Your botanicals are beautiful, how fun to take an art class. I would love to one day. Your fireplace looks ready for Spring!
    I made new slipcovers, I would have to say that is all I've done so far. Just lightening things up is what I usually do, I think.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Those are beautiful are so talented.

  6. Your paintings are perfectly lovely! I particularly like the blue-green flowers on the left, but they're all beautiful. I've often wished I could paint with watercolours. Maybe one day I'll learn ;-)

  7. oh these are so lovely. I have always admired people who can paint botanicals so beautifully - I could not - but i do photograph them!
    Have a wonderful week and thank yo for stopping by my blog last week - we have been away trecking and only just back - so catching up!

  8. I love your little watercolours! You're very talented.

  9. I have always wanted to learn the art of watercolor. Your floral paintings are incredibly lovely!

  10. You have real talent. They have such a delicate touch. Keep at it. You could clearly make a boutique business out of this. Flowers always signal spring. The first sign for me is my white dogwood tree in bloom (see my current post).

    Cheers, M-T