Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WISH Wednesday #44

Now that we are all up to speed on what a bunkie is (check here if you missed it), I thought I would share one of my all-time favourites - Sarah Richardson's bunkie at her Georgian Bay cottage. It seemed appropriate because I've been away at our Georgian Bay cottage for the past three days.  We don't have a Sarah Richardson style cottage or even bunkie, but I do know firsthand how gorgeous the Georgian Bay islands are.

I think this is the cutest little guest cottage and would love to wake up to such pretty furnishings. I love the soft blues and the coral she used with the white furniture in this room. And the birch lamps are the perfect woodsy touch for the side tables.

I really seem incapable of sticking to one WISH Wednesday photo these days, but I just had to show you the other side of the room.  I love the gray and white striped curtains and the wicker chair in the corner.

Here's the bunkie from the outside - gorgeous, no?  

Sarah Richardson's bunkie - HGTV
I'll have some photos coming soon of our part of Georgian Bay.

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  1. This is just gorgeous, Grace. I would love to wake up there.

  2. Sarah's Cottage was the first time I was "introduced" to Sarah and her brilliant design. I honestly can't get enough of her work!

    Looking forward to seeing your piece of Georgian Bay. :)

  3. Just saw your little quote on House and Home! How neat is that? Congrats!

  4. Ah...Sarah R. You can't help but love everything she does....

  5. Oh Grace, this cottage is a dream...I can imagine myself on that gorgeous bed on the first pic reading a book. So relaxing. Thanks for sharing...lovely place!

  6. This cottage/bunkie is so adorable!

  7. That is gorgeous!
    Now I want a bunkie. Decorated by Sarah.

  8. Sigh... I LOVE this little bunkie, one of my favourite things she has done... Thanks for reminding me of it! :)