Friday, August 31, 2012

Red Quilt

I've been meaning to show you another change I made in our master bedroom.  When I finished our bedroom redo recently (which you can read about here), I decided I wanted to be able to change the bedding to get a different feel.  

I still love the Pottery Barn flowered duvet cover that we have used for the past ten years, but I wanted the flexibility of having another quilt to use sometimes.  So I went to Homesense to see what they had.  I was originally going to get a white quilt, but I couldn't see that lasting well with a dog that likes to sleep on our bed.  Then I spied the red quilt and was taken with it - I love gray-blue and red together.   

I also had a small cloth that I bought in Bangladesh last summer that I wanted to use across the end of our bed. The red quilt was a perfect compliment to the red, white, and gray in the Bangladeshi cloth.  So here is the alternate version of our bedroom.  

Perhaps there will be Christmas and Valentine's Day versions as well - the red is rather good for that.  

Do you decorate your bedroom for different seasons or holidays?

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  1. It looks really good. I think you cloth from Bangladesh works particularly well in this room.

  2. Oh! That red looks gorgeous with your grey walls. And so much cozier for our upcoming autumn chill.

  3. Your bedding is so pretty and looks great in your master bedroom. I really love how the quilt looks with the souvenir from Bangladesh.

  4. Nice colors! Especially the piece from Bangladesh. I only switch up our bedroom in Dec. But I like your idea of doing it more often. Kit

  5. It's lovely Grace. I think it warms up the room beautifully. The combination of grey, with and blue is such a lovely one. Deb

  6. Lovely and warm looking as we head into Fall. I love your desk/dressing table too.