Thursday, August 16, 2012

Interview at Bright Copper Kettles

I am pleased as punch to have been asked by Rayna, from Bright Copper Kettlesto be interviewed for her blog.  By the way, isn't that the sweetest name for a blog - the song, My Favourite Things, from The Sound of Music just floods me with happy memories.  And isn't that the sweetest thing that she asked me to be the first person she interviews for her new series, Simply Lovely Interviews.  

I bet you are dying to know how I came to be a blogger, some of my best travel tips, and other interesting tidbits about me. Come on over and have a read - you can find the interview here. Were you a strange youngster too (I bet you are curious to know what I mean - check out question #1)?  I'd love to know.

Thanks Rayna - it was a lot of fun thinking about the answers to your questions.

Bright Copper Kettles

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  1. Grace, the pleasure was totally mine! I enjoyed finding out a little more about you, and how fun to have your expertise at my disposal! Perhaps we can do a Grace Part 2 (and 3 and 4)? You're a great interview. Thanks so much!!!