Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WISH Wednesday #28

House Beautiful via decor*pad
My mind is deep into all things green this week so this pretty green bedroom jumped out at me for WISH Wednesday (Weekly Inspiration for a Seasonal Home).  There is so much to love about this bedroom.  I can't get enough of those clean bright blue and green shades together - they are perfect companions, don't you think?  And the white linens, drapes, and trim are a nice calm contrast to the intense blue and green.  There is a great mix of beautiful patterned fabrics to add lots of interest and the rustic trunk, chairs, and natural-fibre rug add the right amount of texture. The only part I'm not sure about is the black ceiling light. I know every room is supposed to have a touch of black, but this seems a bit heavy for the room and is the only bit of black visible so it draws attention to itself. Apart from that, this bedroom is gorgeous.  Wouldn't it be a lovely girl's bedroom or a pretty guest bedroom.

By the way, if you want to see why I'm deep into all things green this week, have a look here.  You will soon be wanting to grab a paintbrush and cover your walls in green and sew up some pretty green pillows - guaranteed!

And since it is the end of April, here are the April WISH Wednesday photos in a collage.  I appear to have had a thing for pretty bedrooms this month.


  1. I love this room. I like the symmetry of it, and the chest between the bed is neat! LOVE the matching lamps on it.