Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WISH Wednesday #27

Since I have quilts on my mind, I thought I would show you one of my all-time favourite bedrooms with a beautiful quilt on the bed for WISH Wednesday.  I love the gorgeous red and white quilt with the coordinating red, white, and light blue cushions.  I love the wide painted stripes on the floor, and I love the white-washed wood walls and ceiling.  

Sarah Richardson

Do you want to know something crazy?  When I was googling this picture I found two versions of this bedroom.  Want to play "What's different"?  I spotted six differences.

House and Home

Here are the six differences:
  • the bedside table - the bedside table in the first photo is a very traditional white-washed table and the second one is a round red table
  • the things on the night table - only the lamp is the same and all the other bowls, flowers, books etc are different (an aside:  I never would have thought to put peach coloured flowers in a red, white, and light blue bedroom, but they somehow seem to work)
  • the pillows - in the first picture there are blue pillows at the bottom of the pile and a little striped pillow at the front and in the second picture there are fluffier white pillows on top of some red pillows and no little striped pillow
  • the sheets - in the first picture there are red checked sheets showing where the quilt is turned back and in the second picture the sheets are white
  • the curtain rods - in the first picture I think they have photoshopped out the part that is used to attach the rod to the ceiling and it is visible in the second photo
  • the bench - the first photo has a pretty bench at the foot of the bed and the second photo doesn't
Anyone notice all of them?  

Isn't this bedroom incredible?  I think the simplicity of the colour palette keeps the room looking fresh and modern.  If you want to see other modern quilts have a look here.

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  1. I have fallen in love with quilts lately - this one is beautiful too - and the find the 6 differences reminds me so much of Highligh Magazine...except the style and design version for adults lol

  2. I love that bedroom too. Love red and white quilts!

  3. Oh it looks so inviting and peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

    Susie at Puddle Jumper Creations

  4. that room looks great. can i just crawl into that bed for a day?

  5. Ooh! Sarah's cottage! One of my favourite places on earth! I could easily live how she and her family live here - so much colour, yet still so relaxing! I am a big fan of everything she does!

  6. That is so bizarre - good for you for spotting the differences! I like the first version best. Like Bronwyn above, I am a big fan of Sarah Richardson!

  7. I really love both. :D But I think that Sarah's table choice is not as good for the room as the red one in the second photo. But I like Sarah's bedding and bench better!