Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Trends - Coloured Glass

While I like to think I'm not influenced by trends in decorating and the decor in our house is timeless, in fact I know that isn't true.  I try to spend our hard-earned money on things that will stand the test of time and that I will love for years to come, so when it comes to trend reports I tend to view them with a jaundiced eye.  This time however, when I read the three spring trends that Style at Home magazine has come out with, I was impressed (you can read more about them here, here, and here).   

So lets have a look at what direction they are predicting home decorating will be going and how I see those trends fitting into our house.

1.  Florals I've always been a closet Laura Ashley lover - even in the days of no florals during the past decade or two - so to hear that florals are making a come-back is very exciting.  Now I have been taught well over the past decade or so and I can't say I would be considering covering any large pieces of furniture in florals any time soon, but to buy bedding or kitchen towels or pillows or rugs or art or dishes covered in flowers - well count me in!

See we already have a floral duvet cover
2.  OrangeWhile I'm warming up to orange, there just aren't many places that I could see putting orange around my house - especially the Pantone's colour of the year, tangerine.  We have little bits of bright pure orange in the basement and accents of a rusty orangey brown colour in the living room, but that is about it.  So while I don't have any objection to this colour it doesn't suit our house very well.  I would definitely wear this colour and I could see putting a tangerine tablecloth on the table as I use tablecloths in any colour.

3.  Coloured Glass - Not only do I like coloured glass, but the trend is specifically for my favourite colours - glass in pale blues and earthy greens.  I'm all about blues and greens and this is definitely my favourite of the three trends. 

In fact I liked the idea so much that I went around the house and gathered all the blue glass I could find and arranged it on a chest in the living room.  I had never had them all in one place before  - I liked it!   

I really felt I should do my duty to incorporate some of the other spring trends so I bought some orange tulips to add to the display - they hit both the orange and the floral trends, right?  ;)  I love blue and orange together so this was definitely a winner with me.


When I gathered the blue glassware from around the house I was surprised by how many memories were attached to the containers.  Some of the glassware was just from HomeSense or the dollar store, but several pieces were from family trips we have taken around Ontario or even to England and one was from our son's wedding last year.

So what do you think - do these three spring trends appeal to you?  Will you be incorporating any of them into your home?

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  1. Florals! I've had a hankering for florals lately, but I didn't realize it was a trend. I always think I'm not a trend follower either, but of course I am.

  2. You need to come out of the closet. I have been out of it since the mid eighties!!! LOVE Laura Ashley!!!

    You have a great collection of colored glass. I like them displayed in a group like that, too!

    Neat post!


    PS I am seeing more tangerine than last year's color (honeysuckle)...I did not see much of that. 2010's color was turquoise, and I am still seeing it everywhere!

  3. Florals might grow on me but I don't have any immediate plans to incorporate them but I, like you, love coloured glass. I always enjoy it. And I would probably do the same as you in regards to orange! Flowers are always nice.

  4. Fantastic post! So happy to see you've been inspired by our spring trends :)

  5. I really love the colored glass. You have a beautiful collection! I need more blue in my home. I have a lot on the second floor but my downstairs is all earthy tones.